Jul 152011

[size=”5″][b]Patch 1.3 Preview![/b][/size]

– Xiran’s Better Music System
– Tweaked Shaders
– Atmospheric Sounds Effects instead of Expanded Sounds
– Tweaked and corrected MIT file for Morrowini.exe
– Vanilla Heads Option
– Typos corrected
– Water Level Fix removed: included in MCP 2.0
– Fixted a lot of floating trees near Vivec
– FIM’s Better Spell Effects
– On The Rocks full updated
– PS Sort Icon bug fixed
– Removed Balmora Un-Mod
– Better Mesh Plus Optimization
– Fixed some ugly textures
– Detailed and Reflecting Armor (Optional)
– Detailed Armor fixed and optional
– SWG Skies v4 Skydome BETA
– Retextured some plants
– Exe Optimizer v1.9
– Vivec Temple Water deleted in NO MGE setting (MGE is required to run that water)
– Iron Armor fixed in Detailed And Reflecting Armor
– Morrowind Code Patch 2.0
– Better Picks ‘n’ Probes
– Thy Spirits Thy Lords
– Cave Texture Fix Updated
– Poorly Placed Object Fix
– Underwater Static Replacer
– Texture Fix Updated to 2.0
– Better Scamps
– Ebonheart Fix Updated to 1.1
– Papill6n various graphics things
– Djangos Rugs and Tapestries
– Jericho’s Better Soul Gems 2.0
– Removed Animated Soulgems
– Plangkye’s Partial Female Cuirass Replacer (+ reflecting armors tweaked by me)
– Unique Jewelry and Accessories UJA Updated to 2.3
– Better Spells Compilation
– New Variations for Ashlands Trees (wolli and Vurt)
– Sail Cloth Retexture SCR Updated with improved UV Map
– HD Intro Cinematics
– Divine Dagoth Ur