Aug 142011


I apologize for the lack of updates and answers to problems but I was soo busy these days.
So, I got some GREAT news about MGSO to tell you!

The first is, that an user of the compilation that is working to a big hosting company, gifted me a VPS to host the Auto-Update feature!
Many thanks again, Brandon!
So the 2.0 version of MGSO wil have so far:

– An Auto-Update feature to automatically keep up to date your Morrowind installation without dealing with patches and hotfixes, thanks to Septim and lettuceman.
– A brand-new automated installer to make the installation process MUCH MORE simple than it’s now. Trust me, it’s beautiful, thanks to Chesko.

So stay tuned! There are several irons in the fire!


Aug 012011

Patch 1.3 is almost done!

Hey guys and gals! The new patch is almost ready. It will be the most complete patch I ever released, with a lot of fixes and improvements.
After this patch, the new auto update feature will come out! Be sure to look forward to it!