Dec 262011

As you can see, the forum had a large upgrade to Invision, a much better platform.

You will have to reset your password (there is a red box in the beginning of the page).

To change the language of the Board simply go at the bottom of the forum page, click on “italiano” and select “English” 🙂



Dec 242011

Since the fixes of the installer and performance improvements of MGE XE contained in the first auto-update were really important I decided to re-upload the whole package to avoid problems in future. Consider this as my last Christmas present for you. (Hope you like it!)

New links (also updated in the release post):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
A torrent and mirrors are coming soon…

As always, thanks for your interests.
Marry Christmas and happy new year!

Kingpix and the team.

Dec 222011


as promised, here is the first auto-update!

How to install it:
It’s very simple. Run “Morrowind Overhaul Auto Updater.jar”, that is in your Morrowind folder. This program will download and run the installation of the update. If the program doesn’t launch correctly then you have to install the Java Runtime Envoriment.
It’s really all almost automatic so don’t worry. Post in this thread if you have problems:


  • New MGE XE version
  • Performance boosts when using MGE XE
  • Installer Fixed
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t let you change chrossair in MGSO Options

Fixed Installer:
For those who had problems during the installation process here you’ll find a fixed installer that fixes some bugs that I discovered:

I’ll also re-upload a new version of the package with these important fixes included soon.
A torrent is also coming.

That’s all!

Dec 222011


Thanks to your reports, I fixed some files. There will be an HUGE performance improvement with MGE XE, and some fixes on the installation process.
The patch will be available soon by using the auto-updater. The installation will be automatic.

Thanks for your patience.

Dec 202011

For those who are experiencing performance issues please be aware that i’m writing a detailed guide to optimize your MGSO installation.

The guide will arrive soon, just be a little more patient…!

Dec 192011

Holy SHEEP, it’s here! Can’t believe…


how’re you today? I had a terrible and stressing day with exams (holy shit), but now I’m home and I can share this piece of work with you.
We worked a lot to make this pack, and the Morrowind modding community is still working, after 10 years, to improve the game.
What I’m releasing now is the result of years of work done by hundreds of people. Be aware that what you will play has been developed with passion and constance!

Okay, let’s stop this blah blah.
Take it.

Download Links:

Installation Guide (I suggest reading it before and during the installation to avoid ANY problem)

Modlist and Credits (Important! I’m not the only one behind this project!)

To report problems and discuss of this modpack please visit our Official Forums.
The other contact information are in the InstallGuide (so you have to read it, MUAHAHAH!)

Keep yourself updated:
You have to do this to avoid problems in the future and to be sure to install all the updates (thanks to the automatic updater this will be veeery easy). So subscribe to the official Youtube channel and Twitter.

Thanks to everyone for the attention, and enjoy!

Spread the word, this should be shared to everyone!

See the gallery HERE

MGSO v1.0
MGSO v2.0


Kingpix, The Morrowind Overhaul Team and the whole Morrowind modding community.

Gah, finally, I’ll go to bed now… Yawn.

Dec 182011


Here are some steps that you should do while waiting for the release. This means that the new version is coming VERY soon! Be sure to follow these steps, so you wouldn’t have to do them in the future when installing the modpack.

  • Do a fresh install of Morowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon (this is the exact installation order), updated to the lastest version. The English version of the game is the only one supported to run this modpack. Install morrowind OUTSIDE the program files folder (for example D:’Morrowind) to avoid problems, or even better disable UAC if you are using Windows7 or Vista. UAC causes a lot of problems with the tools included in Morrowind Overhaul.
  • If you are using steam disable the Steam In-Game Community Overlay from the options.
  • Install the following software:

1.The last revision of DirectX 9.0c
Please NOTE: because many users had this problem in the previous release, you have to install it even if you installed DirectX 10, 11 or an older version of DX 9. This because they are separate packages; you need them both!

2.Visual C++ 2008 Redist. (English)

3..NET Framework 2.0 (This one may be a part of your system since you bought it, but please check)

4..NET Framework 4.0

5.Java Runtime Envoirment (Needed for installer and autoupdater)

  • Launch the game and make sure that it runs correctly.
  • Wait the release of Morrowind Overhaul – Sounds & Graphics!


Dec 162011


I’m so happy to say that both the auto-installer and the auto-updater (wow, how much autos!) are working properly. This means that the second version of MGSO only needs a cool documentation before the release.

Actually it isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do, but because I love you all I’ll do it for sure 😛

PS: to answer to some common questions:
– Yes, updates can be downloaded manually too, for who doesn’t have internet connection.
– Yes, it works on Steam
– Yes, you can still install it automatically

See ya! 😀