Feb 242012


You may want to wait that before trying to install this one!



ModDB (A rate is welcome :P)

PlanetElderScrolls (Also here! Thanks to APY for the support)

Direct Download from Morrowind Overhaul’s server

Download from RPGItalia.net (You need to be registered to the Morrowind Overhaul forums to download from here)

Download from file1.info (thanks to CrazyJohnny)



Torrent 1 (Divided in parts) Thanks to Doraboruu.

Torrent 2 Thanks to Phantom Ryu.

Both the torrents work and are tested! Please SEED! ๐Ÿ˜›


Videotutorials: The awesome Phantom Ryu (that now is part of the official Morrowind Overhaul Team) provided some videotutorials that will help you during the installation process. Here they are! Remember that he is also doing a great Let’s Play of Morrowind and tribunal with the Overhaul here! As always, if you have any question about the mod post it on the Official Forums! Bye!

Feb 122012

Yeah, that’s what there is in the Morrowind Overhaul forums right now.
While I was away, the users helped themselves with the problems they had. This is really great and shows how Morrowind is still played nowadays.

A special mention and thanks goes to Phantom Ryu. He is always on to help people and make great suggestions.

He has also done a GREAT let’s play of Morrowind with the Overhaul with commentary, that you can find here in his channel (rate and subscribe to him, he deserves it!): http://www.youtube.com/user/phantomryu

So thanks again guys and girls, keep it up!

Feb 112012


My break wasn’t “little”, I’m sorry. ๐Ÿ˜›

I think that now I’ve the time to come back and work on the Overhaul again. I’ll finally upload it to some good hosting sites and make a torrent. Then I’ll see what happened to the update server!

See ya soon!