Aug 292012

So here I am, again! This time I have two great news to tell you!

The first one is that OpenMW 0.17.0 has been released!
Here’s a video that shows the features:

If you don’t know this GREAT project you definitely have to check it out!

The second news is about Morrowind Overhaul. The last testing package has been sent now.
This means that if all goes right this will be the only test remained until the release of the full package!

Stay tuned! 😀

Aug 192012

Hi again,

We are glad of the appreciation you are showing! At the moment the software is almost finished, we are testing it to be sure it will run as intended on every computer.

Once testing is done and every little bug is solved the release is ready to be uploaded! So, yeah, we are really near. Just give me some time to make my dream of having a fully automated and working compilation to play Morrowind, our favorite game!.

Stay tuned.


Aug 142012

This morning I finished one of the most important new features in this version of Morrowind Overhaul: the automatic installer!

Trust me, it looks gorgeous. And even if you don’t trust me, here’s a video of it!

It’s almost everything automated and well-explained. Forget the install guides to follow!


Stay tuned for further news about the development. 🙂

Aug 092012

As you noticed the release date we provided was far too optimistic.
Completing and testing the installer took much more time than we initially expected.

Everything is almost done, we’ll release the new Overhaul in about a week!

We’re sorry for the delay, we just want the installer to be as flawless as possible 🙂