Sep 302012

Here’s an updated post!


UPDATE: added torrent magnet link, thanks to shadow808!

Yep, we made it, at last šŸ™‚

The new version of the overhaul is finally available for download.

Here’s a nice list of download links:

Links you might find useful:

The official forums will be cleaned and ready to use tomorrow. If you are having problems in the meantime please post here on the blog.

That’s all, Have fun!

And remember that there are plenty of Morrowind modsĀ availableĀ on the internet so don’t stop at this compilation!


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Sep 232012

Hello everyone!

Since I keep receiving mails and posts asking what’s new since the good old v2.0 release, here are some info!

MGSO 3.0 has the following features over the last version:

  • An awesome (super, ultra, extra) auto-installer almost fully automated,
  • An incredibly useful Options program that can auto-change everything for you at any moment (like changing options to improve the performance, changing options to suit your tastes, etc),
  • A LOT of bugfixes (all the known problems are now fixed),
  • New options to choose from and new mods are now included,
  • A LOT of mods have been updated,
  • Improvements on the performance of the game,
  • Cleaner package resulting in less space used,
  • More detailed documentation explaining how to tweak the package and improve performances.
So…yeah, that’s a lot of stuff. That’s why I couldn’t make a normal patch, to do some changes I really had to re-make the package almost from scratch.

That being said, the current task is correcting all my grammar fails around the documentation and the installer. Once that is done, I can finally make this release and then have my beer, finally.

Sep 142012

This post is to ensure you that everything is still going on.

I’m the only one working on MO at the moment I’m writing, and that’s why there is another delay of the date.
The testers already found other bugs that are now corrected. Right now I’m uploading the final testing package that will be the last oneĀ (hopefully).

Remember that all these delays are to make sure that no bugs will be present in the final release.