‘Sup dude, we’re Ornitocopter. Yeah, that’s right, an Ornitocopter is an entity made of many different beings, but still, it’s one. Just like some other fictional characters you may know of, like chimeras.

Here’s a list of people who may or may not be part of this particular Ornitocopter:

Giovanni “Yoae” Bodega: a guy who’s fat because he thinks that’s the only way to became a succesfull game developer. He’s building his body fat since he was 14 but he still has a long way to go. He codes, but he doesn’t really like doing it because he can’t eat with both his hand busy on the keyboard. He prefers doing game design and level design.

Pietro “Kingpix” Oldrati: a neutral man from a neutral country. He only uses shampoo with a neutral PH value. He likes neutrons but he doesn’t really dislike protons and electrons. His D&D characters are always pure neutrals. He will code anything that is not war related. Despite that, he was kidnapped by the Swiss army. As far as we know he is now protecting the Pope with his trustful Swiss knife.

Cecilia “Polpetta” Puelli: we met at THAT-OnePiece-character funeral. During the ceremony she saw our graphic wearing an Akainu t-shirt (such trolling skills). She charged him wielding a battle axe and he run away scared as hell. We still don’t know his whereabouts. 5 seconds later she took the vacant job and we couldn’t have been any luckier.

Luca “Theobaldus” Rungi: our talented music composer and sound designer. He’s really into Lovecraft mythos, in fact we believe that he’s trying to compose the music that will awake Cthulhu from his eternal slumber. Basically we’re saving the world by keeping him busy, you should really thank us.


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  1. I really hope that Giovanni Bodega wrote his own bio for the sake of self-deprecation.

  2. BAAH, kingpix is swedish. .. However, that name sounds quite italian..

  3. Hey guys – congrats on the release. As you’ve now added my Dunmer City Banners, could you add me to the credits list.



  4. Hey Kingpix and team, great job on the release! I’ve been trying to contact you on the OpenMW forums about some things, but it seems you don’t really check the forums. I’d really appreciate it if you would go over some things with me, for more details check the mail.


  5. Ma dai, ma siete italiani? Ma le migliori mod le fanno sempre gli italiani?! XD

  6. This mod is looking incredible! Many thanks! But I have two questions:

    1. Now that the mod is installed and works properly, can I turn UAC back on?

    2. I chose the better bodies “Nude” option during installation, and now I want to remove all the NPC’s clothes so I can see what they got under them. 😉 What is the console command to do so? I’ve tried using the “inv” command and various others, but I always get some kind of “command not found in line 1” error.

  7. You guys are awesome <3

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