Sep 122014

Hello everyone!

Today is the day of the first Adventrix update, which is centered on user experience and such. In order to pull this off we carefully analyzed every little piece of feedback we received, to make the game as responsive and immediate as possible.

It’s always possible to improve and we will continue to do so. We want Adventrix to be the best game it can be.

The update should be available as soon as play store servers are updated, which usually takes just a few hours.

Here’s what’s new:
-New and improved control system which will make understanding the game mechanics easier
-Added a points counter in the form of a big coin that fills from the bottom
-Changed text graphics to something more readable
-Made points collecting a little more rewarding
-Various fixes and performance enhancements

For everyone who missed our last facebook post, here’s the fantastic music composed by our Luca for the first bossfight

We’re also working on the second level of the game which, I have to say, is coming along quite nicely 🙂
As a teaser, here’s a concept art for the first enemy of the second level

Schermata 2014-09-05 alle 17.16.19

Have a nice weekend!

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