Sep 122014

Hello everyone!

Today is the day of the first Adventrix update, which is centered on user experience and such. In order to pull this off we carefully analyzed every little piece of feedback we received, to make the game as responsive and immediate as possible.

It’s always possible to improve and we will continue to do so. We want Adventrix to be the best game it can be.

The update should be available as soon as play store servers are updated, which usually takes just a few hours.

Here’s what’s new:
-New and improved control system which will make understanding the game mechanics easier
-Added a points counter in the form of a big coin that fills from the bottom
-Changed text graphics to something more readable
-Made points collecting a little more rewarding
-Various fixes and performance enhancements

For everyone who missed our last facebook post, here’s the fantastic music composed by our Luca for the first bossfight

We’re also working on the second level of the game which, I have to say, is coming along quite nicely 🙂
As a teaser, here’s a concept art for the first enemy of the second level

Schermata 2014-09-05 alle 17.16.19

Have a nice weekend!

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Sep 012014

I skipped a lot of updates this time, classic me.

But it was all for a good cause. Finally the first release of Adventrix is here!

Adventrix is available in the Play Store for just 0.99$/0.79€
get it here:

Download @
Google Play
Developer: Ornitocopter
Price: $0.99

This release includes the first level composed of five stages and a boss fight!

Level 2 and 3 and endless mode are coming soon, along with the Windows Phone and iOs versions.


Here’s the new trailer!

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Jul 212014

Oops, I skipped another weekly update. Well, I hope I will make up to you with this gameplay video from Adventrix. Here you can see some of the gameplay mechanics I talked about in the previous posts.

Please keep in mind that this video was taken from an alpha version of the game. Some assets are yet to be finished and most of the graphics effects are missing.

Let us know what you think about it!


And here’s an exploding bomb.



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Jun 172014

Yeah, it’s been just 4 days since the last update. It seems like I’m not breaking my promise to write one post a week, who would have guessed?
Today I’m here to share some exciting news and some cool pictures too, courtesy of our artist Cecilia.

On the 1st of July, Ornitocopter is attending New Game Designer 2014, an event hold in Università Statale of Milan. You don’t get many chances to showcase your work here in Italy, so we’re very excited about this opportunity! During the event we will put up a stand where everyone can try out our game, press and public alike.

As soon as Cecilia heard the news she went off to make some amazing paintings (Acrylic on canvas). Here’s what she created!

AdventrixPaintings  AdventrixPainting1  AdventrixPainting2

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Jun 132014

Hey guys, guess what, we’re still here.
It’s been a while since the last blog post, I know. This won’t happen again. From now on, I will write a devlog a week. This time for real, I swear. Make me. No, I swear.

So, what’s going on?
Back in the Caves is now on hold: we want to make it as good as we can and for that we need money. Since kickstarter isn’t available here in Italy and we’d also like to stay an Indie developer, the only way we could pay for our project was to make some small-ish games in order to accumulate some money.

As soon as I realized this, I was offered a partnership with Rising Pixel, a fellow Italian indie game studio. In february I started working part-time on Inquisitor’s Heartbeat, a game designed for blind and visual impaired people.
I had half a day free so I decided to start a mobile game project, just because. I opened the wardrobe where I keep all my game concepts (I like to write notes on expensive white shirts. That’s why I’ve got no money left).
The idea was simple, this is what the shirt said: “Squish Tetris and a roguelike togheter.”
What does this mean? The shirt didn’t say that, so I started thinking. My best guess was this game concept: you have to create a path for your character to walk on by moving and connecting falling blocks. A game that mixes puzzle and adventure in a way that wasn’t done before (if we pretend that puzzle quest never existed).

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Sep 132013

Howdy soon to be cave dwellers ?

So far we showed you a brief teaser trailer of what’s going on in the Ornitocopter mind, Back in the Caves (BitC) will be our first adventure in the game development world, not an easy walk in the park I dare say.

Thankfully we work with some amazing people, you have alredy saw the work of our graphic artist Cammello but here is the first original art ever for the project:

Sure they all look happy...

The request was something like this “make it a caveman, make it rough, think about The Flintstones meeting Shank” and this table was the incredible answer. As you can see we choose style N.5 for Mr. Caveman but that doesn’t mean we discard the rest of them! Variety is the key for a roguelike and we’ll try to implent it in every single aspect of the game.

Check out for more work from Cammello (camel in italian if you were wondering, don’t worry we got you cover)

As you notice form the title we’ll try to post regular update here and on the other social networks (that’s what all the cool kids do nowdays right?) so subscribe to our RSS (RIP Google reader, you’ll be missed)! like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter! Circle on Google+! Do what they do on Tumblr!

Ornitocopter out! Ciao!


Jul 292013

A mask?!? It’s not the Clavicus Vile one, it’s the first preview of the first original videogame from Ornitocopter! It’s gonna be awesome!

But don’t worry we’re not abandonig the Morrowind Game Experience Overhaul project, it’s just on hold until the release of our first game! We’ll be back to Morrowind, in the meantime follow us, deep into the ground…


Mask Teaser

Oct 012012

Here’s an updated post!



We are glad of the appreciation you are showing!

I have some other great news for the ones that are having troubles with the installation or the downloading.

  • The Official Forums are now ready to be used to solve your problems!
    You can register HERE. Please also read the Welcome post before using the forums.
    If the forums are in Italian, you can always change the language at the bottom of the page.

That being said, as you might already know, a Torrent has been made!

Have fun.


Sep 302012

Here’s an updated post!


UPDATE: added torrent magnet link, thanks to shadow808!

Yep, we made it, at last 🙂

The new version of the overhaul is finally available for download.

Here’s a nice list of download links:

Links you might find useful:

The official forums will be cleaned and ready to use tomorrow. If you are having problems in the meantime please post here on the blog.

That’s all, Have fun!

And remember that there are plenty of Morrowind mods available on the internet so don’t stop at this compilation!


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