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The time has come to get into what Adventrix is all about.

But first, let’s see some new catchy art by Cecilia.

I proudly present you our game logo!


Now, it’s time to talk gameplay.

Adventrix could be described with just two words: “Adventure Tetris”. Yeah, that’s why this game is called Adventrix, who would have guessed?

It’s still a puzzle game, though, and a turn based one without any time limit. The only important resource is the amount of lives you have left.

Adventrix is played by controlling falling blocks. And here’s where the similarities with Tetris end. You can choose between two different block shapes by tapping on the bubbles at the bottom of the screen. Once you do that, the corresponding block will begin to fall from the top and you will be able to move it horizontally to the chosen position. You can’t control the block rotation but you can use a special bubble that will give you two new block shapes. This “change spell” is one-use only, which means you won’t be able to change your block again until you collect a new “change spell” while playing.

Collecting stuff is easy: you have to make the frog walk over it. If there’s a bonus or a spell, you can interact with it by walking over it. Combat is handled in a similar way. You have to place a path that overlaps the enemy position, so the frog soldier can easily dispatch the foe with a quick strike of his trident.

Casting spells and killing enemies won’t be enough. In order to win, you need to stay out of trouble. There will be traps, bullets and explosion all over the screen. Make sure to build a path clear of any danger or the little frog will find his doom.

Each level is divided in five different “stages”. You get to the next stage when you collect a coin which also works as a savegame. Once you have collected it, the corresponding stage will be unlocked in the main menu.

Each enemy, trap and spell will behave differently. Learn how everything works and cut your path to victory!


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