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Welcome to the MGSO v3.0 FAQs

Do you have a problem or a question about the latest version of Morrowind Overhaul? Don't panic! Before asking, make sure to check out these FAQs. If you can't find your answer here, you can always go to our Forums and post. If you have a question that you think it should be added to this page feel free to add it!


Graphics/Sounds Problems[edit]

I don’t like this “blur” effect![edit]

You can remove the depth of field shader effect by following those four steps:

  • Launch MGSO Options.exe (you can find it in Morrowind folder).
  • Click on "Change MGE Settings".
  • Go into the "Shaders" section and uncheck the Depth of Field (DoF) shader from the list.
  • Click OK and wait the end of the configuration process.

I don’t like the look of trees, grass or something else. How do I change them?[edit]

MGSO comes with an handy tool that lets you choose from several options. You used it during the installation of the pack. To launch it simply run MGSO Options.exe (you can find it in Morrowind folder) and click on "Change MGSO Settings". Here you can select your preferences, then click Apply and wait for the process to finish.

I have a dual-monitor configuration and the screen is totally black![edit]

Sadly MGE doesn't work with multi-monitor configurations that use two screens of different resolutions. To make MGSO work you will have to disable the second monitor and use only one. Obviously you will be able to re-enable it after playing!

The grass is flashing![edit]

This is a problem that can occur with MGE XE and some new graphics card. If even with the latest drivers this problem occours, the only way to keep the grass and fix this problem is to switch to an older version of MGE. To do that use MGSO Options.exe -> change MGSO Settings. For more info see the Personalization guide document that comes with the Overhaul.

Sometimes an error saying that the file Meshes\f\Furn_De_Table_03.NIF is missing appears[edit]

Go into your Morrowind folder and delete the Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\f\Furn_De_Table_03.NIF file. This will be fixed in the next minipatch.

Sometimes an error saying that a sound file is missing (for example "Sound file not found: data files\sound\Fx\REGN\wndTREE.wav") appears[edit]

Download this fix and follow the instruction contained in the readme included in the rar file. This will be fixed in the next minipatch.

I'm having really poor performances and I have a multi-GPU system[edit]

Turn off Crossfire or SLI. Morrowind and MGE don't like multi-GPU systems. The game runs better on a single card than with two.

The resolution I chose in MGE doesn't work in-game![edit]

It's a problem related to UAC. Follow these steps:

  • Right click on Morrowind.exe, go under the Compatibility tab and check "Run this program as administrator".
  • Repeat this for Morrowind Launcher.exe and MGEgui.exe (or MGEXEgui.exe).
  • Open Morrowind Launcher and change the game resolution from the Options menu, confirm with Ok.
  • Open MGEgui.exe (or MGEXEgui.exe) and choose your desired resolution. Then save and quit.
  • Play with your new resolution!

I'm using MGE Beta (rev. 186 or 178) and the grass looks messy! Something like this[edit]

This problem is caused by an incompatibility between Vurt's grass and the SSAO shader used in MGE Rev. MGE XE user do not experiment this problem. To solve it you have only two possibilities:

  • Use the other grass (Vanilla Friendly grass). You can select it with MGSO Options.exe, by clicking on the "Change MGSO Settings" button.
  • Use the SSAO shader in interiors only. To make this happen simply run MGSO Options.exe and click on the "Change MGE Settings" button. Under the shaders page untick SSAO for interiors and exteriors, and enable SSAO for interiors only.

Installation Problems[edit]

The installer throws an error at start: "The requested action with this object has failed"[edit]

Download this fix and replace the old MOInstaller.exe file with the one included in the archive you just downloaded. This problem will be fixed in the next minipatch.

I use Avast antivirus and sometimes during the installation the protection blocks the installation process[edit]

Follow these steps:

  • Open up the Avast Antivirus interface.
  • Go under "ADDICTIONAL PROTECTION" (you find it at the left of the interface).
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Uncheck the "The file prevalence/reputation is low.
  • Click on "OK" and close Avast.

During the MGSO Options program step it says that "access to the file Thumbs.db is denied"[edit]

Go into the Morrowind\MGSOO folder and delete all the Thumbs.db files you can find (use the search function of windows). This problem will be fixed in the next minipatch.

During the MGSO Options program when I apply the settings the program just stops responding[edit]

MGSO Options is not stopping responding. It's just the program that takes a lot of time to copy all the files. Just wait some time and the process will finish correctly, trust me!

The installer freezes after the extraction of the MGSO files[edit]

Download this fix and replace the old MOInstaller.exe file with the one included in the archive you just downloaded. This problem will be fixed in the next minipatch.

The installer freezes during the generation of Distant Land[edit]

Reset the DPI setting to 100% (you can find it in the display options of Windows).

Other Questions[edit]

Does Morrowind Overhaul work on a Steam copy of the game?[edit]

Yes it will. You would have to do a simple thing (explained into the installer itself) to make it working but after that you won't have problems!

Does Morrowind Overhaul work on a digital downloaded copy of the game that is not Steam's? (for example Impulse)[edit]

No it won't. Those copies of the game have a modified executable that doesn't work with the external programs used in the Overhaul. We may create a "lite" version of the modpack to use with these game version in the future, but expect it to be a lot less impressive than the original one!

Does Morrowind Overhaul work on WINE?[edit]

No it won't. WINE seems to have problems with some external tools such as MGE. In the future, when an hypothetical "lite" version will be made, users of WINE will also be able to play MGSO.

Will I be able to play if I have a non-English version of the game?[edit]

Morrowind Overhaul works with an English version of Morrowind only. If you have to French version of the game you will be able to use the French version of the Overhaul. Users with Morrowind of another language won't be able to play until a translation of MGSO is made.

Morrowind stops working when I close it[edit]

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. The game is old and might have some problems with all the mods and new operating systems. If you can’t close the application just kill Morrowind's process from the task manager.

Morrowind stops working when I launch it, when I start a new game or when I load a savegame[edit]

This crash happens only when using MGE XE and only with some configurations. The only thing you can do to fix this is to disable the internal MWSE. To do that follow these steps:

  • Run MGEXEgui.exe (you can find it in your MW folder).
  • Navigate to the In-game tab.
  • Check "Disable internal MWSE" and close the program.

PRO TIP: By disabling MWSE you won't be able to use any MWSE-related mod (if you don't know what this means you should be fine). Please remember that using an older version of MGE (such as revision 186) solves this crash without having to disable the internal MWSE.

The guard in the ship at the beginning does not come picking me up, so I can't continue[edit]

Run MGSO Options.exe, go under the Misc tab, click on Morrowind Code Patch settings, uncheck "Improved animation support" and click Apply Chosen Patches.

If this does not resolve the problem, open the console and enter 'fixme'. This should trigger the guard to approach you as normal.

When I do a quicksave an error pops up saying "Unable to complete operation due to failure removing previous file"[edit]

You installed Morrowind in the default Program Files folder and you have UAC on. The possible solutions are two:

  • Change the Morrowind installation location.
  • Disable UAC.

Also remember that using quicksaves is not recommended, because they are often broken!