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Nothing in here but adverts aswell. This wiki got fucked. Fix pls.

Good sir, today is your lucky day! How to restore the FAQ page when spambots eat it. Step 1: Go to the page. Step 2: Click the tab labeled "View history" and look at the edits. If the newest edit is the only spambot to eat the FAQ since the last time it was fixed, simply click the link labelled "(undo)" next to the edit. Type something like "Saved the FAQ from Spambots" and submit it. Spambot edits can be commonly recognized by their comments being random letters and numbers and the edits subtracting large amounts of words. Hopefully, you've just succeeded in saving the FAQ. If not, read on. Step 3: Find the latest real version of the FAQ in the history and click on the time and date. Then, click the "Edit" tab at the top. Select all of the text and copy it. Return to the original FAQ page (the one that is still vandalized by spambots) and go to the "Edit" tab again. Delete the spam and paste the FAQ Text in the box. Type "Restored FAQ" or similar as a comment and submit. Congratulations, you've restored the FAQ page! I wish more people would be smart enough to figure this out on their own (some have been, here is your credit), but I typed it out for those who aren't.