Morrowind Overhaul


MGSO 3.0 has been released!

read the news here:

Please note:

The mods included in this package were NOT created by me (Kingpix) or any other member of Ornitocopter. The credits list that you can find in the pack includes every single modder who made this possible! I also want to thank the morrowind modding community for the huge work they did in those past 10 years. I have personally contacted mod authors and received approval to use their mods in this package. I was unable to contact some mod authors, and have done my best to abide by their wishes as specified in their mod’s readmes.

What is it?

Morrowind Overhaul (from here MO) is a project born 5 years ago. The aim of it is to make more people around the world appreciate all the content created by the community to enhance the game experience.

Basically MO is a “compilation” of the best mods out there, packed together with care for detail and user-friendliness. In fact you will be able to install hundreds of beautiful mods at once, with a simple installer designed by us with simplicity in mind.
Another thing that I have to mention is the attention to create something that keeps the Morrowind’s feeling intact. That’s why we tried to choose only the mods that were really well made and faithful to the original colours and environment.

The main benefit of this compilations is that players don’t need to go through the “download every single mod out there and try it” phase of customizing Morrowind. The pack is intended for people who would prefer not to hand-pick mods out of the thousands of mods available. Modding Morrowind can be overwhelming for some people, and they might want to start out with a compilation before they feel comfortable picking and choosing mods on their own.

A message to the modders:

Please tell me as soon as possible if there are issues like “oh no, you didn’t credited [modder_name’s_here]!” or “no, you can’t include my mod in this package.” If you do not want your content in this package, let me know, and I will remove it right away.

Thanks for reading this post, enjoy!


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  1. […] Öyle görünüyor ki, Morrowind günlerine dönme vakti geliyor. Skyrim‘deki grafiklerin Elder Scrolls oyuncularını tatmin ettiğinden şüphe yok, ama varolan birkaç bug’da zaten gelen yamalarla birlikte düzeltildi. Bunun üzerine, eski oyunları da aksatmayarak oynayan oyuncular için Morrowind Overhaul adlı bir geliştirme ekibi, Morrowind‘in grafiklerini daha iyileştirmek üzere işe koyuldu. Bunu oldukça iyi bir şekilde sürdüren ekip, Morrowind Overhaul isimli projenin 3.0 versiyonuna ait fragmanı yayımladı. Fragmanı izlemek üzere aşağıdaki oynatıcıyı kullanabilirsiniz. Detayları öğrenmek üzere ilgili sayfaya ulaşmak için tıklayınız. […]

  2. Hey guys,

    Could you include Tamriel Rebuilt and the Official Plug-ins? It would also be great if you added support to them, especially in the way of covering the lands in flora properly. Thanks in advance.

    • Adding new landmasses is beyond the scope of this overhaul.
      Maybe we will support them by including the .esp for the grass in the MGSO-Options program.

      • there IS a grass/groundcovers made for Tamriel Rebuilt, now expanded to the Map 3 (Sacred East) as well:

        Download here:

        Note: Tamriel Rebuilt now changed its format, it’s now a single file for the whole landmass, not 3 different files for each landmasses(3). This will make the Tamriel Rebuilt updates a lot more simple in the future.

        If you still use outdated mods for Tamriel Rebuilt that STILL use “Map1” and “Map2” files, here are 2 dummy files so you can still make the mods work properly:

        For the Signy Signposts, as far as i know, there’s no update for Map 3 yet.

  3. I have a question – iam a bit confused – can i download now the overhaul 3.0, where? 🙂

  4. So I downloaded the old version about a week ago. Does this one update automatically as well, or will I have to download the whole thing again? And if the latter, how will it work out when there’s already a version of Overhaul installed?

  5. Do you have an ETA for 3.0? I’d love to try it out!

    Thanks for the hard work,

  6. I am about to buy a new computer/laptop. What specs do I need to really make MO3.0 sing?!?

    Also, I had been basing everything on Morrowind Graphics Expander.. yet this seems to do all that anyway.. is this the case?


    • If you really want to make it running perfectly avoid laptops unless they are powerful gaming laptops.
      Any decent new PC can run this well, just make sure that comes with a decent graphics card.
      (Radeon HD 58xx, 68xx, 78xx or GeForce 4xx, 5xx, 6xx etc.)

  7. Hi Guys!

    Will 3.0 work with polish version of Morrowind?

  8. Will this be compatible if you have the steam version of the game?

      • Hey king. I have one question, it’s all aorking and stuff BUT I’d like to know will we be able to use the plugins that Bethesda released ages ago? Like the adamantium armour pack, torens helmet, fort firemoth seige etc etc. if so how do we do it now that some files have changed?

        Amazing work by the way, it’s not quite as cinimatic as Skyrim but 10000000000 time better overall. Thank you for the host of fixes you and others have made and thankyou for giving my favourite game ever a massive new lease of life.

      • Would someone please explain to me what some of the cool graphics in the video is? I have been playing Morrowind (original xbox), and am currently looking for the expanded version of the game. Thanks.


        P.S., In all the years that I have played this game, I am surprised that the game doesn’t have a way of changing the landscape of the Ashlands once Dagoth Ur is defeated. Also, my email is all lower case.


  10. Any idea of when this will be out, so that I can schedule a day off work?

  11. What drives you guys to continue even after so long? regardless of what it is I’ve never gotten into Morrowind, as I was 7 when my brother was playing it, but with the overhaul I’ll definitely be trying it out. Also does the OH support the expansions?

    • I think what drives people to continue to play and mod morrowind even today is the fact that it’s a great rpg with a huge world to exlpore,many quest, lore galore and a huge mod base. granted it’s graphics were crap, it had it’s bugs and most people hated the “R.P.Gish” aspect of it.(rolling die type mechanics, missing all the time in combat).

      But with the way Bethesda keeps cutting out skills and “streamlining” the elder scrolls series is basically turning into Call of duty in a fantasy setting. 🙂 some of us like to play rpgs, not cod with swords…just how I feel anyway.

      • I can not agree with you more, I thought Skyrim was a pile of shit, the “radiant” AI quests were a sack of bollocks. go to …. retrive …. reward is small gold. YAWN

  12. I can’t wait for v3, I remember installing the first pack and having no luck getting it to work, but now i’ve got a new pc and I am in the mood for some morrowind 😀

  13. Hey, when is this coming out? Thanks.

    P.S. Amazing work btw!

  14. Will there be an update to the Experience mod to go along with this one? I’m just wandering what else I should install along with the graphics overhaul.

  15. Quick question, how do you get this to work with Wrye Mash/ Wrye Bash?

    • You don’t have to, and you can’t.
      The package is already clean and the loadorder is correct so you will need Wrye Mash for the user-added mods only-

  16. I have a simple laptop with a AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card with 512MB VRAM. Will this be powerful enough to run 3.0 or even 2.0?

  17. You should check this video out if you haven’t already:

    It features really good graphic improvements and still looks like Morrowind. Maybe you can pick something from there, I’m not sure if your compilation features those mods as your trailer is pretty short and doesn’t show much. Good luck in making 3.0, I’m buying Morrowind: GOTY to install it 🙂

  18. I know this may be a odd thing to say. But could you add a mod that adds pack rats to the main land I just feel with out my little pack rat to be at my side…’s just not worth living…..:P or Fit you could tell me which one would go best with your mod pack that would be good to!

  19. I have just bought Morrowind today off steam and am really eager to play it. I was wondering weather its worth waiting for the release of 3.0. I understand you have probably had many messages regarding release dates but I’d just like to see if you have a rough idea of when we can expect it. Will it be worth waiting or shall I just install version 2?

  20. Any idea when the new patch will be released? I’ve put off the download for about a month. I really want to play Morrowind 🙁

    Great Job though 🙂

  21. Will this work with Steam version of Morrowind?

  22. Any chance of a “to be released at the very latest by date X” type of update on 3.0?

  23. There’s no point in waiting for the update – the pack is awesome as-is. And community-built modding projects are almost never on time. It’s just the way these things go. 🙂

    I’d download and install the pack now and have a blast with it. Morrowind saves are almost always compatible between mods (I think I’ve had one problem save in years of playing).

  24. Same question as scott… or could you at least answer whether it will be released in 2012? ^^

  25. Is there anywhere where I can see the complete list of mods that come in the package?

  26. When will this be available? And how will character models look? I hope that the character models/enemies/armor&weapons look decent, I’ve bee looking into downloading and (even though I know it’s free and you guys put a lot of hard work into it) I’ve noticed that the environments, graphically, look AMAZING but enemies and character models and weapons and armor are lacking.

  27. Does anyone else have problems with moderation of comments? I don’t think I’m writing anything suggestive or violent. Hope this one works :/

    • Well, it worked, but you didn’t contribute anything useful or even ask a question, so.

      Anyway, we should expect a release date this week? Seeing as how three days ago you said it’d be released “in a few days”.

      I once played Morrowind (vanilla) and got pretty far, but that’s because I cheated with console commands. I want to make up for that by playing this amazing mod (which I also got pretty far in a while back) properly, especially since I recently got a new computer. You think an Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.07 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and an Asus HD 7770 (1GHz, 1GB) will be good enough to run this at high settings?

  28. *says a few days in July*

    *releases mid september*

  29. So WHEN? Why you can not at least mention the percentage what you already did? Is it still somebody working on the project? 🙂

  30. Kingpix’s last posted comment on here was on August 3. It would be nice to get an update but I get the sinking feeling something came up for Kingpix and he is very busy. Which is understandable. Just sucks for the progress of the mod. Hopefully we get an update sooner or later stating just how far away from release we are.

    Then again Kingpix wouldn’t be the first mod developer to announce “soon” for the release of their mod then have to delay it for a much longer period of time. Just look at the The Black Mesa Project for Half Life 2 that will recreate Half Life 1 using the source engine. It is being developed by Black Mesa (formerly Black Mesa: Source). They put out a trailer giving a 2009 release date. It is now 2012 and it has yet to come out with no release date announced as of yet. Yet developers claim they have never stopped working on it and still intend to release it. Stuff can come up aside from life related issues.

  31. Will the MO 3.0 be compatible with the Game experience pack you made? I hope it does 😀

    • Sure. 🙂
      That’s one of the most important points behind this project!

      • And I thought I also read something about me having to update my tribunal / bloodmoon updates through the Bethesda website? (I have a CD install not steam) is this true?

        And man you are my hero, this is just the thing I’ve been looking for to get back into morrowind 😀

        I don’t like the dumb oblivimorrowind mod they have 😛

        • Yes if you don’t have the GOTY version of the game you have to update the game to the lastest version (I believe it’s version 1.6.1820).

          Anyway morroblivion is another nice think I wouldn’t call it dumb! 🙂


          • Its good don’t get me wrong, I personally just would prefer to play on the morrowind platform with updated graphics.

            And that’s not what I mean lol, theres like updates for bloodmoon and tribunal, which I don’t have. I do have GOTY ediition. basically what i’m asking is, will I need to apply any patch from the official website to get MO 3.0 to run right with my computer?

          • If you have the goty version the game is already updated and you don’t need any patch.

  32. ok ok, now just to wait… patiently O.O

  33. If only we could team up … Looking forward to this Gem of Thine ! Playing Mine eats many mice 🙂

  34. Looks amazing! If only we could team up. Alas, too many landmasses and not exactly clean by Tesame standards. Looking forward to MO3.0. Have Fun!

  35. Guys, come on…you’ve been saying it’ll be released “very soon” in the comments for the last 6 weeks. Loads of us are waiting on installing MO on the promise of v3.

    I’m asking for a bit more communication and transparency; can we have an ETA yet? If not, what is the problem with MO in its current state, what is being finished?

    Thanks very much guys,

    – Jake

    • I’ll answer for you the installer for the overhaul was delayed due complications it is at this point in beta testing and finally everything is looking great well enough for the developers to consider a release most likely within the next week as long as all the current beta testing feedback is positive the developers of this project have a vision to release a perfect as possible easy to understand as possible installer for the project allowing you to integrate the overhaul into your fresh morrowind install without any complications to them this is an art not just a project for us I hope you understand and will continue to be supportive and patient as when it is released it will be very much worth the wait

      • Any more news on a release date? It’s been over a week since the last comment on that topic. Take your time, but keep us in the loop please?


  36. what are the minimum system requirements for this mod? im really looking forward to this but from what i have seen, it might run very slow on my laptop because my laptop can’t play games like deus ex human revolution, l.a. noire but can still play Portal 2, Fallout 3 very well.

    • It varies depending on what performance setting you choose during setup so it is very flexible as far as minimum system requirements go

  37. Was looking for a mod-pack i found long ago and tripped over this page. Looks great. Hope it will be released soon

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  39. Hey, loved this game and with my new rig coming and I can’t wait give this a try. Thank you all for putting this together as well as to the modders for all the hard work. Yay!

  40. Hello, i want ask it will support the Morrowind with the Hungarian language files? If you want, we will send the language files to you, but please, we want play Morrowind also with mods. Please contact me:


  41. I can’t wait to play 3.0 but last we heard it was going to be a week if everything in beta went ok. Could we get an update on whats left to do and when the next ETA is. Thanks

  42. No update for you Blaine! NO WAI.

  43. The best things in life are worth waiting for…..

    I for one would have it working correctly than released broken and unable to use

    I can wait

  44. Firstly, I just want to say that Morrowind overhaul is just simply amazing. I dusted off Morrowind again and havent looked back. Brilliant! Roll on version 3!!

    Just a small query. I have also installed book rotate on top of the overhaul version 2. However it simply doesnt work! I run Mlox but there is no apparant conflict. Anyone else got book rotate and had this issue? Any help would be much appreciated….

  45. I haven’t even tried 2.0 yet. I only converted to PC gaming last year from Xbox 360, Morrowind ran like a turd on that pathetic platform.

    I look forward to this release, thanks!

  46. Heh, the environment looks so utterly amazing, I would only love to see the characters being at least a bit more realistic; maybe quite less “thin”, and “blocky”.

  47. […] no perder la base del sistema de juego, existe la opción de entocharlo gráficamente gracias a Morrowind Overhaul. Eso sí, necesitáis un ordenador con un procesador bastante potente, de al menos 3.0 GHz […]

  48. What is new in 3.0 vs 2.0 except for the installer? Is there any additional mods or other options?

  49. I only have the base version of Morrowind (no expansion packs at all). I take it this won’t work for me?

  50. First of all, thank you for doing this KP, it is seriously awesome. Secondly, I’m having some issues, so here we go. So I installed it and played it for a bit and loved it, but I wasn’t a fan of two things, I had originally not used better bodies, so i turned that on just to see how it looked, and I switched off the new magic sounds since it just didn’t feel right for me. But when I launched morrowind again I got the error “Render Creation Error.” Any ideas on how to fix it?

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  52. Hi

    The 3.0 installer cannot see my Morrowind files which are on my E drive.

    How can I make it recognise them?

  53. I apologize if I’ve missed it in the FAQ, but what kind of hardware does the author recommend to run this on high? My system has an AMD Athlon II x4 @ 3.0GHz, 8GB DDR3-1866, and an XFX HD 6770 1GB.

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  55. I only need Morrowind to apply this mod? I have the GOTY edition if that makes a difference

  56. […] mods valem a pena ser utilizados no RPG não é uma tarefa das mais fáceis e por isso o projeto Morrowind Overhaul merece ser elogiado. Basicamente trata-se de uma compilação das melhores modificações já […]

  57. I just want to say a massive thanks. This totally rocks. I had a few minor issues with the install, but that was down to my ineptitude and not the instructions. Anyone who owns a copy of Morrowind needs to install these mods.

  58. I don’t suppose this has any of Cait’s wildlife mods? They’re scattered all over the net & often found within other people’s animal mods (credited), so I guess she might not care if other people use them without permission. I think she had her own site long ago, but it shut down & her files are hosted everywhere. Let’s see, what all did she make? My personal favorite was the sand dollars/hermit crabs/seashells/ that spawn near water. Ooh, you might be able to find ALL of them here:

  59. This is amazing. Looks better than Oblivion.

  60. I’m getting this message when I get to the first load page: “Local count from script ‘OutsideBanner’ differs from local count for saved reference data. Contnue running executable?” It says yes, no, or yes to all… pressing yes does nothing, pressing no exits the game, and when I press yes to all my entire game screen goes black and I cant play. Help pleaseeeee!!

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  62. Hey Guys I’m having a problem.I followed the instructions to install this overhaul (Steam version) and disabled my In game overlay but now i cant play the game because when I launch it it tells me to insert the morrowind Cd. I have searched far and wide to find a fix for this but no one seems to help me. I just want to play morrowind with your mod.

  63. hello my sound and music is not working nor are the lips moving now im not very good with computers so what have i done wrong ? :))

  64. Hey guys I installed this with no problems then disabled my steam overlay and ran it and when I try starting a new game or loading a previous one it crashes to desktop. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated. If you need any more details just ask. Thanks so much for this overhaul, I look forward to be playing it at some point in the near future.

  65. […] geleden is de nieuwste en beste versie van deze handige alles-in-1 mod uitgekomen, Morrowind Overhaul v3.0. Ik had ooit een keer een oudere versie van deze mod vluchtig uitgeprobeerd, maar gaf direct op […]

  66. Hi, any tips on tweaking or perhaps I’ve installed incorrectly?

    Running AMD Phenom 955 & an r5870 but only averaging 30 FPS outside. Using all medium settings with SSAO disabled outside, funny thing is, the FPS seems to stay at 30 even if I edit the options and reduce the quality. Also, applying the patcher doesn’t make the changes after the initial patching (enabled keyboard shortcuts & HD cutscene but no luck).

  67. Hi I can’t install the mod. I just got the magnet link and the 1.65 GB file that downloaded has no extension and I can’t figure out what to do with it. Itred adding an exe on the end and I got a windows compatibility error. Vista 64 btw.

  68. Wait does this mean that the installer is finished????!!!

  69. I have the Steam GOTY version and do NOT want to disable Steam overlay. Any way of using Mod with Steam overlay Enabled? Also, If I have Intel Core I5 with 1.7 Ghz, with a GeForce GT 620M 1GB and 8GB of computer RAM, max settings possible (720p screen)

    What happens if I DO leave Steam overlay enabled?

    • Oh god, so much RAM… About 3 years ago, 512 MB RAM was epic…

    • If you leave the steam overlay enabled the screen will just appear blank. If you go into your Morrowind directory (for steam normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Morrowind) and run MGEXEgui.exe, go on the “in-game” tab then click “disable MGE in-game” you can run it with the steam community.

  70. i got this mod to work on steam but i realized that there where no distant textures in my game and the view distance is not very far for me. i have very nice laptop 8gb RAM, AMD Radeon 6630m Hd card, and i5-2430m processor / 2.4 GHz. so i am quite confident that i am able to run it with distant textures but there are not there… please help 🙂

  71. …When I first saw the screenshots of 2.0, I said: DO WANT.

    Then I came here. I said: I wanna download.

    I started downloading. I said: DOWNLOAD ALREADY YOU 1,7 GB FILE!!!

    Then I started watching the trailer.

    I say: Download NOW, or I’m ready to MURDER you, stupid torrent…

    In other words, I praise you for this.

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  73. ignore my last comment – i figured it out ,i forgot to change Morrowind into english – therefore the Mod couldnt work properly – installing it again now ^^

  74. Oh and to specify on my last post, i would like to state it is only furn_de_r_03 that is having this issue, sorry if this was an inappropriate place to post, but it has been quite frustrating. Besides that, i would like to state that Morrowind Overhaul is excellent, and I’ve played Morrowind for a VERY long time, it feels new again. Thanks alot to the Overhaul, and to all the modders who made this possible.
    -Much appreciated

  75. I get the black screen even after disabling Steam in-game community. What could be wrong?

    I really appreciate what you’ve done here, and the last version of the mod worked quite well after a fashion… but I really do wish it was all possible to play without having to reinstall the entire game, forfeit all the dozens of mods I had installed in the meantime, disable Steam stuff, forget about ever being able to alt-tab out of the game again, and all the other sorts of tinkering and random weirdness – and it still having a high chance of not working at all. This being such an awesome thing makes it all the more frustrating when, even after all the work and labor, it still refuses to do anything.

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  78. Nevermind, changed the UAC settings back to default on my administrator account and the Installer opened up for me, the games working perfectly. Thanks for everything, this is a great mod.

    Many thanks.

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  80. I am glad someone manage to fix this so can be used by Steam’s version. It look great, i played it for couple of hours and saved it. When i came back, it was glitches pretty bad. Some buildings, npcs showing up half and can see some part of see through 3D world’s terrains.

    I ran the install again and see if it would fix the glitches, but it doesnt. So i cant play it. It did work fine before and not sure what happen when i came back.

  81. Is anyone else getting what seems to be a bad bug in the ‘Meet Sul-Matul’ quest? While I am told by Caius Cosades to go to Fort Moonmoth to pick up supplies, I am not able to get the ‘essential supplies’ keyword with the two vendors at the fort…

    • I get this too. I don’t know what causes it, but to fix it, I type ‘player->addtopic “essential supplies”’ in the console. Hopefully this can be fixed in a less invasive way, but I’m honestly not sure where to start looking for the cause.

      • My guess is that some of the requirements in the ‘essential supplies’ topic got changed by some mod. I think, topics only get added to your “topic pool”, when you see them in dialogue and the person you speak to has something to say about the topic. Normally, Caius Cosades should also have some dialogue for ‘essential supplies’, so you get the topic from him, but now he doesn’t, because of some changed requirements in the dialogue tree.

  82. support this project as well: This overhaul combined with that project can bring morrowind to a whole new level!

  83. I have got it to run on Windows 8 by installing it in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3. It looks terrific. Many thanks for all your hard work.

  84. I’m playing Morrowind Overhaul v3.0. I can use my favorite 3440 x 964 resolution on my own low budged eyefinity setup. I can use this lovely borderless window mode on completely black desktop. I have tears in my eyes. I can’t believe that. This the best game ever and now there is a new life in it. Breath taking world bounce back again in full bloom. I’m more than delighted. Such an epic work. Many thanks to Ornitocopter team.

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  86. Just wanted to add my thanks for your hard work. 🙂 I had tried installing this early this year without much luck, but this time was so easy! Morrowind looks fantastic now, and I’m looking forward to exploring it again.

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  89. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thankyou for putting this package together, I am still completely stunned at how much this overhaul improves upon the exisiting greatness of Morrowind. Excellent work by everybody involved!


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  91. Hey guys. I’m glad that I was able to remember that you made this. I never got your older ones to work right. But I just installed 3.0 today and so far, yup, it’s working. I was giddy with excitement on how great everything looks.

    Question: I was looking around for a compatible mod list, is there one in existence? And is there a read me or pdf or anything that has the list of what mods are already in the package (too many for me to read about when installing, I just want to play heh)?

    Either way I want to tell you that I am very pleased that your hard work has paid off. Seriously, thank you.
    I know a lot of others are happy with this overhaul too, and it shows in the work you put into it.

  92. Thanks alot for this, every couple of years I come back to Morrowind and the Overhaul always keeps growing. The atmosphere delivered by the overhauled graphics and the excellent soundtrack is stunning. Thanks a ton!

  93. OK. i lied just figured it out. 😛

  94. WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who made this. It is absolutely incredible and brings back the awesome feeling I had the very first time playing this game. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

    P.S. I had a problem that was fixed by stopping any non windows start up programs from launching upon start up (that is, turning my computer on). The game was freezing instantly on launch, okay now though.

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  96. instead of addons i think some morrowind fans that can design games should make morrowind an online game, that would make the game a whole new experience, i dont think the new elder scrolls online there working on will be as good as an online morrowind…. there was so much more freedom in game, not many rules in game.

  97. Hey!
    The overhaul is mostly working great and it looks awesome, but there are still some minor issues. For example, in Gnisis there should be 4 cave dwellings but only 2 of them are working. 2 others have just plain doors that rotate at their place and there’s no way to get to the interiors where they should lead.
    Anyways thanks for the amazing work you have done for this, it has been great to experience this game again for so long time with new graphics! 🙂

  98. what settings should i put overhaul on with these specs?
    AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M processor
    AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics
    Windows 8

  99. is it up yet?

  100. […] Anmerkung: Um den Artikel zu veranschaulichen wurden Bilder der Grafik-Mod Morrowind Overhaul gewählt! Achtung: Die Grafik des Spiels ist deutlich schlechter, die Mod kann kostenlos hier geladen werden: Morrowind Overhaul […]

  101. […] Weitere Infos zum Spiel selbst findet Ihr in unserem Artikel zu Morrowind. Zum Projekt Overhaul-Mod findet Ihr umfassende Infos auf dieser Seite. […]

  102. I love over the shoulder view mod
    but no cross-hair
    what do I have to do?

  103. Will it work on my specs:
    CPU:Intel Celeron 2.5 GHz
    RAM:446 MB

  104. I tried the MGSO a few weeks ago , now have a fresh OS. Would tyhere be any particular thing I did wrong that made the console not work ? I prefer starting lockpicks and moola : )

  105. […] Besøg Ornicopters hjemmeside, hvor Morrowind ansigtsløftningen MSGO kan hentes […]

  106. I installed it today but keep getting this error:

    I’ve turned off Steam interface, selected no to MGE, installed everything that’s listed in the installer pdf… it’s not working.

    Can someone help??

  107. p.s. I installed and there is NO save games option.. I have save on sleep checked . Windows 7 ultimate, 16 GB ram , asus p7p55d delux mb, Intel i5 quad core , Gforce GTX 260. can sum1 help plz? BTW .. great awesome work on the mod compilation guys . Yall r awesome : )

  108. if i run the mgso patch everything works..but when i launch the morrowind does nothing
    i have got the german version of the game…can somebody give a link to an ensglish translation, please?

  109. Okay is fixed now : ) 2.0 changed to 3.0 woohoooooooo

  110. Hey, is there any option that I can help you translating MGSO ? I really wanted to have this but I’m Polish and have Polish copy of game, so is there any option to translate it to Polish? I can do it, just tell me if you agree.

  111. i have downloaded the mod but when i click next to go to start downloading the mod it says i do not have all morrowind files they are missing, the exe files are missing, and expansions are missing but they are not i saw them in the morrowind file what is wrong?

  112. damn, I can not make a low setting … considering my low spec laptop …
    Core i5 2.3GHz
    6GB of RAM
    intel hd 3000 1720mb
    I only get 1-5fps outside, and 30-60fps in the room ..
    anybody please help me for seting Morrowind Overhaul at low settings ..

  113. The female version of daedric armor seems to have a missing texture problem. It gives you the following error while equipping it:

    TES3Stream Warning: Model
    “Meshes\Pl\a_daedric_cuirass_f.nif” tex not found

    Continue running executable?

    Maybe it can be something about the matches between meshes and textures, and the folder directions because I have the two exists in my data folder.

  114. First of all, thank you very much. This mod is absolutely great! <3

    I have a slight issue, if anyone can help me. All rocks around the world have a certain… glowing. During the night is really akward. I tried to turn off/on most of the settings, but I just can't figure out why this happens. I mention I have an ATI video card.

    Thank you again for all your work!

  115. […] das ding aufhübschen dachte ich auch. ich finde ja morrowind overhaul 3.0 sieht total toll aus: Morrowind Overhaul » Ornitocopter wie seht ihr das? wer wäre denn nun dabei? ausserdem sollten wir uns nen tag suchen an dem wir […]

  116. […] L’installation est un poil compliquée (avec d’autres mods en plus et une version steam, c’est un euphémisme, croyez-moi), mais elle vaut vraiment le coup ! Je vous renvoie vers le site des frenchies qui ont rendu le mod compatible avec la version française et ont pondu des aides dans la langue de Molière : La Confrérie des Traducteurs. Si vous utilisez une version anglaise du jeu, rendez-vous ici. […]

  117. Where do I download this at? I don’t see a place on the page.

  118. For those having problems getting the Book Rotate mod working, the conflict is with Book Jackets which is included with the overhaul. To get it working, download all three Book Jackets (Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon) and replace the Book Jacket .esp files in your Data Files folder with the Book Rotate compatible .esp’s in the downloads.

    I also disabled the Better Guide To.. mod as it is the scripted version and conflicts with Book Rotate.

  119. Not sure where to post this but a lot of my indoor locations play sound like I’m riding a ship. There are creaks and splashing waves while in castles and such nowhere near water. Any fix? Other than this I am loving it. Thanks for the hard work.

  120. Also not sure where to leave this and I’ve already commented it elsewhere that I can no longer find but the MGSO Options continues to crash durning the application of the mods. I believe this was noted some months ago and still has to be addressed so what can I do to fix this?

  121. Hello!
    I’m trying to update MGSO 3.0 with the mini patch that is found on the Morrowind Overhaul official Wiki.
    Website says I have version 3.1 but the auto updater is not working and it says I need to open a .php program with some external app that I am not familiar with. I also looked in my Morrowind folder yet the Morrowind Overhaul Auto-Updater is nowhere to be found. Could someone please help me update to version 3.2 please. Thank you for your attention.

  122. […] Weitere Infos zum Spiel selbst findet Ihr in unserem Artikel zu Morrowind. Zum Projekt Overhaul-Mod findet Ihr umfassende Infos auf dieser Seite. […]

  123. Is there any way to reduce the texture size on statics? I’m only getting 10-20 FPS and I generally prefer lower resolution textures for old games anyway. I can only find texture size settings for land textures.

    The mod is great BTW.

    • As far as I know, static anything in these types of engines was nothing more than a picture placed onto the model, not an actual texture, hence the trouble you’re having finding them. The only thing that you can do is reduce the filesize, and quality of the image of the static, which could be done using similar programs to Photoshop, or GIMP, if that’s the case. I haven’t modded Morrowind since a year after it’s release, and never got into that aspect, but I have modded games such as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, etc. and all of their statics are as afformentioned.

      • You are thinking of Arena and Daggerfall which have pictures on the models instead of textures where Morrowind has textures on all objects.

        You would need to find the texture files and edit them in Photoshop or Gimp to reduce the size of the textures manually or find other texture replacers that have a lower resolution to replace the textures in MGSO.

        • Alternatively to MGSO you could use TexMod, and launch that with the games .exe after MGSO has made it’s changes. I’m not 100% as of whether texmod works with morrowind; but it very well should.

  124. I’ve disabled improved animations but still can’t get the guard to pick me up on the ship. Any other suggestions?

  125. It looks great, but I have some problems. Some tables are mising in interiors and there are only yelow markers, where thay should be.

  126. […] serie, Morrowind, grafisch gezien makkelijk met zijn nieuwerwetse broertjes mee kon doen dankzij de Morrowind Overhaul v3.0 mod. Er wordt nog weleens gezegd dat dit derde deel het beste deel uit de serie is omdat het je zoveel […]

  127. I wish the MGSO file was available as either a .zip or .7z. I’ve got mobile Internet and here in Australia every gigabite counts for such “large” downloads. .rar and .exe files are sadly blocked by some public libraries which have some nice fast speeds. Hope there is some support out there for this issue. Cheers.

  128. Hello, I just installed version 3.0, and it seems to work fine. On the wiki, I see a reference to version 3.1, but I cant seem to find this update anywhere? If I click “Update 3.1” on the page, it just takes me to a page saying “There is currently no text in this page.”
    Here is the wiki page:
    I understand the 3.1 version comes with an auto updater, and I’d hate to miss out on future additions / bugfixes.
    If anyone could tell me where I can download the 3.1 update, it would be much appreciated!
    I’ve already looked for the auto update tool in my Morrowind directory.
    Thanks for a great mod!

  129. I am very impressed with the whole process of installing this. The installer reminded me that my video card drivers were outdated (since I had been without internet for a couple years) and even told me the card info and website to download new drivers. Very slick, very professionally packed end product. God only knows what it’s actually doing to my computer, but I am stunned by the installer’s elegance. Oh yeah, the game is better too. 😀

  130. In Solstheim caves ice is glowing. It’s really bright and looks bad. I can’t find anything about this bug.

  131. i downloaded overhaul 3.0 direct from your site,and when i scaned the files useing iobit maleware fighter pro,, it found 11 trojans. 5 genaric and 6 backdoor trojans.. now i dont know if they are false positives, but i did not want to take the chance. i am sorry to tell you that right now your files are suspect!! please check them out. thank you.

    • False positives for sure, otherwise we’d all be complaining. Unless you downloaded it from another source.

      Use your head before jumping to conclusions.

  132. I have a crappy Toshiba Satellite C655
    It has:
    Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20Ghz
    2BG RAM
    and the crappy Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Chipset Family w/ 829 MB of graphic memory

    How screwed am I if I try to use Morrowind Overhaul?
    Is there anything I can do to my laptop to get it to the point where it will run anything entertaining? Every time i go to the site systemrequirementslab my computer fails for meeting the requirements to run anything mostly due to that Intel integrated graphics thing…

    I am a poor nerd paying off f-tons of student debt but i am a gamer who hasn’t played a good game in faaaaar to long. I need to play a game to save my sanity. Please help. Sadly I studied Biology instead of computer science and i’ve fallen way behind in my knowledge of computer systems.


    • HI biology student! sadly if the Overhaul doesn’t run even with distant land disabled and the lower settings the only option is to play old plain Morrowind, still a great game experience!

  133. Do I have to start a new game from steam after I install mod or can I start from my save?

  134. I just installed the newest version of Tamriel Rebuilt, and when I tried using MGSO 3.0’s scripts (and when I launch MGE XE directly) to regenerate distant land I get an error:

    “Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you hit Quit, the application will close immediately.

    Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.”

    Additional error information:

    I restored a shadow copy from a week ago (before I added the new version of TR or changed any settings) and first ran MGE XE, and distant land generation works fine. However, when I ran the MGSO options exe and selected “re-generate LODs” I got the error again, and now I can’t open MGE XE without getting the error.

    I recently installed a ton of Windows updates, perhaps they changed something that is causing the application to crash?

    Windows 7 Professional x64 / 4GB RAM / AMD Phenom II 555BE / ATI 5770

  135. When is the next version going to be released?

  136. […] new content is still becoming available. Perhaps the best of these mods is Ornitocopter’s “Morrowind Overhaul” which vastly improves the graphics of this decade-old game. This does not quite bring it up to […]

  137. Running this on 64bit Windows 8 Pro … Nvidia GTX 260 w/ 8gb RAM + 10,000 rpm sata …. High Settings

    I have got to say what a fantastic job you have done … totally makes the Game more playable as well as much more intense & enjoyable … the weather effects are on par with Skyrim!!!

    Awesome job … keep up the good work …


  138. […] di un platform RPG alla Metroidvania con ambientazione preistorica. Dagli autori della famosa mod Morrowind Overhaul abbiamo grandi […]

  139. which mod removed the ability to trade with the creeper? fuck whatever mod did that.

  140. Thank you guys so much for making this. A few years ago I would have had to hunt and peck like crazy to get Morrowind modded the way I liked – probably half as much time setting things up than actually playing! Thanks to this I was able to get a fresh install up and running overnight.

  141. Thank you SO much for this!

  142. have to say really nice upgrade to sound and graphics, how ever there are some bugs here and there, ran into a couple today, Gaurd house in Suran (just after you get off the Stilt Strider), the door is just a door and opens , other than a few skin errors here and there, this is really great! this is biding my time till ESO comes out!

  143. […] Morrowind Overhaul For those of you who are anticipating Elder Scrolls Online, and who have played the Elder Scrolls game, I highly recommend Morrowind Overhaul. […]

  144. I didn’t catch the estimated release date. I just re-installed Morrowind this evening and wouldn’t mind waiting a while to get the next one on a fresh install.

  145. […] remains one of the more beloved entries in the Elder Scrolls franchise, and while we’ve seen overhauls of the game in the past, nothing I’ve seen so far looks this […]

  146. […] remains one of the more beloved entries in the Elder Scrolls franchise, and while we’ve seen overhauls of the game in the past, nothing I’ve seen so far looks this […]

  147. Firs of all Amazing mod, I can see the amount of work which has been put in to it. I honour you guys for the work you have done.
    This post is old so it may never be answered, but here I go.

    How was the MGSO installer created?
    I have done some research and I me along with some other people could come up that it was created by using the C++ programming language but taking “advantage” of .NET Framework. One of the people said it is a C++ GUI.

    I would really like to clear things up regarding this question, if possible.
    It may be a question you don’t want to answer but I have been curious for a long time about it.

  148. I downloaded MGSO 3 and It looks beautiful. One problem: After the initial spawn in the belly of the ship, the guard who is supposed to lead me to the deck doesn’t spawn and I am stuck locked in the back room. Is there a forum board I can post to for help?

  149. Is it normal that the glass armor is white? I do not think so. It is supposed to be green ;lol

  150. Hi! I’d like to know if it is recommended or even required to patch Morrowind to the newest version before installing Morrowind Overhaul. I really got the very first hardware release version, which was very buggy before it got patched.

  151. […] I go any further, I want to make mention of the Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul. I am not going to use it, because the purpose of this guide is to help you understand what all […]

  152. I installed the game from Steam and dragged an old save folder of vanilla game to the game directory. Then I immediately installed the overhaul. However when launching the game I receive the error “Local count for script ‘OutsideBanner’ differs from local count for saved reference data. Continue running executable?” I clicked “Yes” a total of 16 times before it continued loading, but right as it began “initializing game data…” it crashed to desktop. I’ve looked around to try and fix this, but have no idea where to start from. If anyone else has any insight it would be appreciated.

    I also would like to mention that when I was trying to install the overhaul the other day, the morrowind code patch executable was nowhere to be found. After analysis, my security product had been quarantining the file for some reason. So after I disabled it, and reextracted files from within the overhaul, installation proceeded with no problems.

  153. I have the Elder Scrolls Anthology, however I installed and played the vanilla Morrowind through Steam which worked fine, just like any other Steam title I own– however after installing the Overhaul Mod (which worked flawlessly I might add) when I click on PLAY through Steam a window pops up, prompting me to insert the CD. Aren’t all the game files on my computer?– Steam says it’s still installed. Is there a fix, I’d rather NOT have to use the CD every time I want to play… I mean, that’s why I love steam so much.

  154. Fantastic Overhaul, in my opinion, the best MOD up to date, only half way through the game currently did notice three “bugs” thus far thought I’d mention, and ask if they’re any fixes:

    * If you buy, or are given the “Scroll of Summon Golden Saint”, you can’t find them in your inventory, nor use any of them.

    * In shops you can’t chose the number of any items to buy, you have to get only the amount they have.

    * In certain Manors the interiors are incomplete.

    Other than those minor items this MOD is highly addictive, I’ll let you know if I find anything else and if they’re are fixes to these or any bugs I’m not aware of, please let me know.

  155. thank you guys, i’m playing it right now and it s amazing! of course it s not like skyrim (the faces let it down), but it is better than oblivion, at least the nature is astounding!

  156. I just bought one of those all in one desktop computers. I downloaded Morrowind Overhaul and ran it through. I know my pc is a slow one but when i get outside in seyda neen i only have 3-4 FPS. I ran an optimizer and put Overhaul on it’s lowest settings but i don’t know how to get it to work.

    Here is my system information:

    Processor: AMD E1-2500 with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1.40 GHz
    Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.46 GB usable)
    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    I don’t really know what else to do. Help…..

  157. Just wondering but is this for just the original morrowind or is it for the game of the year edition with tribunal and bloodmoon as well?

  158. I have the HP all in one desktop. Two years ago I was able to play morrowind, with the overhaul, without a problem on the same type of computer. I had windows 7 then.

    Here is my system information with my new desktop. (remember it’s the same type as the one two years ago)

    Processer: AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1.40 GHz
    Installed Memory: 4.00 GB (3.46 GB usable)
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processer

    I have MGSO on the lowest settings I know of and I still get about 4-5 FPS when I go outside. Please help………………

  159. Thanks 1e+100 times! You guys just saved me a HUGE hassle! It is because of thoughtful people like you that things like this exist! Keep up the good work!

  160. THX this mod compilation is awesome!!!! Morrowind looks beautifull.

  161. I spent a lot of time playing Morrowind with this overhaul. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it! It improves so incredibly much!

    Do you think there’s ever going to be a version 4.0?

  162. I love this overhaul, but I have an issue. I installed it and followed the installer’s instructions carefully, and now All the dialog is messed up. Lady at the side of the road complains about werewolves in the great hall, and dark brotherhood assassins growl like rabid animals. Is there something I can do to fix this? Maybe I should re-install it?

  163. Overhaul 3.0 is gorgeous. Installed without an issue and really makes the game look lush. Just wanted to give my thanks to the guys that put this together. Now we need one for Oblivion =)

  164. Is there any way to install Overhaul 3.0 with the latest MCP v2.1? I’d do the steps myself, but everything’s automated. When I try to replace the MCP included with MO, it just freezes up when I get to that point in the installation.

    Would it be possible to have the manual steps listed somewhere? I know you made it automated so you wouldn’t have to answer a bajillion questions on how to install, but I’d really like to use the MCP 2.1 version instead of the 2.0 version included with MO.


  165. Whenever I use the installer my game breaks. My screen is black and my curser has a black background. Any advice?

  166. That is a wonderful mod. Thank you. But could you help me, i installed suggested improved heads and now want to delete them. Which files had i to delete to uninstall these heads at al ?

  167. Do I need both Bloodmoon and Tribunal

  168. […] I reinstalled Morrowind and thought I’d try the popular Morrowind Overhaul. Last time I tried it I had lots of issues getting the majority of the mods installed properly, […]

  169. This is not a comment. It is a help plea. I’m having big problems with MGSO I’ve been playing Elder Scroll games for many years and recently bought Elder Scrolls Anthology. I have installed Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. They are located at c:/Bethesda Softworks/Morrowind. I have opened the Morrowind folder and noted that it contains Bloodmoon bsa, Bloodmoon, Morrowind bsa,Morrowind,Tribunal bsa and Tribunal. I have downloaded MGSO 3.0 and when I open it I receive information on my installation and necessary checks.

    It’s a Morrowind folder ——- no. Morrowind files are missing.
    Latest game version 1.6.1820 —- the exe file is missing
    Tribunal and Bloodmoon are installed —- no both expansions are missing
    UAC is disabled —- yes (Hurrah)

    I don’t understand this. I
    can play Morrowind so the exe file cannot be missing. I have seen the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions in the Morrowind folder.
    Do hope you can help.Maybe I am sending this message to the wrong place. If so perhaps you could redirect it for me Thank you.

  170. Hi there. Thanks for your work on this great mod.

    I really need some advice/help. I thought I had a pretty good gaming laptop – specs are:

    GeForce GT 750m
    Intel Core i5-4200M CPU @ 2.50GHz
    8.00 GB RAM
    1600×900, 60Hz
    Windows 7

    I’ve tried various configs for the mod but im still getting 12-13 fps outside. Any suggestions please?

  171. Hi, I have been looking and looking and i simply can’t find it. what mod is adding the guitar song in The Winged Guar in Mournhold, or if your even better, what song is it? Thanks in advance:)

  172. Is it compatible with other mods?

  173. After installation my game shows black screen.
    I have game on steam.

  174. […] first important step to take, is to get the Morrowind Overhaul. This drastically alters Morrowind (in a positive […]

  175. When I finish the installation and the try to play the game it says “Font 0 not found in .\Morrowind.ini”

    Sorry if this has already been answered but any help would be appreciated

  176. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem
    on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  177. My installer gets stuck at the very last step.
    If i try to close the MGE menu manually, it stops the installer entirely, and it doesnt stop automatically.
    Any idea of what i am doing wrong?

  178. i was in closed beta for elder scrolls on line.
    it follows the trend taken to reduce options and choices, perhaps because they wanted to appeal to people that find too many options confusing.
    it does have an elder scrolls feel.
    i’ll be waiting for it to go free to play.
    till then i dug out my old game of the year edition and reinstalled morrowind.
    ESO is not bad, in fact it seems to be better than much of what is out there, but it a far , far distant thing from morrowind.

  179. How to remove show fps?

  180. is it ok to uninstall TES Construction set after I have installed Morrowind+expansions+your mod? I have the GOTY version and it always wants to install the Construction Set even though I’ll never need it/use it. is the mod and or the game reliant upon having the Construction set installed?? thanks!

  181. i really dont appreciate how many problems there are with this overhaul which arent being addressed or even talked about by its creators. giant yellow triangles. npc`s with missing limbs. etc. are we waiting on a 4.0 now or what? i bought an expensive brand new computer a year ago just for this overhaul and was very let down.

  182. Hey! im loving the screenshots although im having a problem i was wondering if someone could help me sort out? So basically whats happening is that everythings going great until i hit the extract files part then it says
    “non 7z archive found” or something like that. Perchance you can help me solve this mystery as to why it says that? There has been people with the same problem as I, but none of their solutions worked for me. I have ran it as administrator and i have even reinstalled it a couple of times, maybe i have missed a solution so im coming to you guys for an answer! thanks

  183. So would this overhaul work with a labtop? Or only desktop?

  184. seems im the only one with this problem:
    at the part when the installer starts the morrowind launcher it opens the options and then it does nothing… when i close the launcher it tells me to open the installer again but the same happens….

  185. apparently my data.exe file is corrupt I tried off the nexus and some other sites still corrupt my torrent isn’t finished yet please I need help

  186. I managed to download and install MGSO_3.0_Final.rar. The installation process was nice and easy. Very impressive work. Gorgeous graphics! Took like around 140 screenshots.

    I played for a month since August last year. Hunting down the best weapons and armor I knew of and completing some of the House Redoran quests.

    During that time, I don’t remember coming across any problem other than a missing .NIF message (giant yellow triangles instead of objects). Which I fixed by deleting the furn_de_table_03.nif from \Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\f. This way the game uses the default .nif. Hope that helps.

    I’m busy playing Skyrim now but will surely come back to Morrowind Overhaul to complete the Bloodmoon quests that I never finished on my XBox game.

  187. I love it so far, really revives the whole experience.

    That being said… I do find it a let down that whenever bartering I can’t choose a quantity. Not so bad for little things, but can make armor purchases, etc. impossible at times.

    Any chance at a fix?

    Once again, awesome work!

    • Hi Nicco,

      Had the same problem. But with the various patches and code fixes installed,
      you have to open the chest, and then Shift+Click on the item. Then you can
      select the quantity. The same is true when bartering.



  188. You should know, the “branchy” version of the ashland trees sucks balls.
    Don’t get me wrong, it looks really cool but touching one is a death sentence as you almost always get stuck in them, please fix this asap.

  189. so the first time i died and tried to reload my last save, the game crashed. now when i try to play, everything is very blurry and pixilated, and menu is much larger, despite what resolution i am on. can you inform me on how to fix this please. thanks. By the way the game looked gorgeous

  190. Just wow. Just amazed at what you guys did, truly revitalized the game. One word, Amazing.

  191. Applying MGSO options I get an exception which says

    Access to path….\mge3\MGe Wiki Documentation.URL is denied and the thing stops even if I press the continue button.

  192. Loving the MO! Great job!
    I was wondering if there’s a special trick in getting other mods to work with the overhaul? Every other mod (for example Big Pauldrons or Netch Adamantium armor) I try to install the usual way by extracting data files and then activating the .esp causes the game to crash when I interact with the modded content in-game or simply displays the usual yellow-horror of missing textures.


  193. I recently installed your mod, it looks great but there’s one thing bugging me. When I want to close my inventory, the map and stat screen close, but my inventory stays, how do I solve this?

  194. What are the system requirements? Is it the same as Skyrim? Lower? Higher? Cheers.

  195. I’ve been playing morrowind on and off since it first came out.

    I have to say – your overhaul is truly and utterly incredible. I spent hours just wandering around Hla Oad appreciating the beauty/sounds. It was amazingly immersive.

    You’ve breathed new life into this game and it plays and looks now how I always wished it did.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  196. […] die mittlerweile veralteten Grundwurzeln visuell nicht mit aktuellen Spielen mithalten, bietet aber durch geeignete Modifikationen immer noch sehr schöne […]

  197. […] There are already plenty of ways to play Bethesda’s most fondly remembered RPG, including the Overhaul mod and early versions of OpenMW, which aims to port Morrowind to an open source, modern and highly […]

  198. Hello everyone!

    I tried this mod few hours ago and I really liked it. Only problem with it so far is that I can’t determine the amount of things I wanna buy or sell. I can’t play with this problem cause what happens if I don’t have enough money to buy for example 1000 arrows? Or what if I only wanna sell 2 of my 3 items? Please help me if u can!
    Thanx in advance!
    The mod is so cool that I don’t want to delete it for such a little something…:/

  199. Hello!

    Ive just started to play with overhaul and I have a strange problem. When I wanna sell or buy st os st like that I cant determine the amount of the items I wanna buy or sell or st. This way I a cant play becouse what if I dont want to buy 1000 arrow, or if I dont wannna sell my 5 diamonds only 2 of them? Please help me if you can!


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