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  2. Really impresive! can’t wait for the release!!

  3. Awesome!

  4. Page 3, Image 10. That is how sunsets should look.
    And that last image is not too far from Skyrim, visually.
    I cannot wait.

  5. This is inspiring me to play morrowind again

  6. Cool, just what Morrowind needs!

  7. Spettacolare! Alcuni screenshot sono così belli che neanche sembra più Morrowind.
    Can’t wait for MGSO 2 to be released!!
    Keep up the great work!

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  9. Awesome! and just in time too, because Steam is having a X-mas discount: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon complete edition for € 9,99.
    I was doubtfull of buying it, seeing as I also play Oblivion and Skyrim, and those are graphically superiour, but this overhaul changes things 😀
    Great job! I think I might pick up a copy from steam after all.

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  11. These are almost, if not completely, on par with Skyrim

    Seriously amazing.

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  13. Really good work sir. I must thank you for making Morrowind an even BETTER experience.

  14. this is awesome! downloading now.

  15. Oh.

  16. Actually, I do believe they look 90% better than skyrim, the only problem is the low-poly models, the textures are much higher res and thus don’t really need normal maps to look pretty and also there are actually some decent post-processing effects, quoting enbseries developer
    Boris Vorontsov “Skyrim uses next to no post-processing effects.”
    While this uses amazing Bloom, HDR, SSAO, Godrays, water wobble and more!
    Skyrim doesn’t look half as good unless you use the Skyrim enbseries!

  17. Oh….My…..God….
    You have changed my whole view of life with this.

  18. the best Game Producers are Fans

  19. Truly epic work has been done here. The time put into this is worth every bit.

    Thanks for improving one of the most amazing games of all times!

  20. I’ve download and installed MGSO2.0 and I must say this is a masterpiece of work.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Best Regards,

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  24. is this awesome piece of work compatible with the better bodies/clothes/beasts/animals mods?

  25. Awesome, making the best TES game look they way it should

    “If you think you can do a better job, do it yourselves”

    Congrats you guys did a better job, I’m downloading it as I type this

  26. man this is fuckin beautiful

  27. Wow. gj

  28. THANK YOU a lot for the Overhaul and especially the self-installer you designed!
    People like me who are unable to check the installation of mods are very happy that some people use their time to make such projekts!
    Many Greetings

  29. The fact that such great peaple still care about classic RPGs and try to do their best to give them a more friendly aura for the next generation of gamers, really gives my soul peace. Deeply thankful for your masterpiece.

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