Sep 182013

Second round! this week we present you with the first thing that can(and will) kill you, a plant!

nice plant

I know, I know a plant doesn’t sound so threatening, you don’t see B movies with killer plants but they star in kickass musical and give out some thoughtful life advices too.

Except our plant it’s just here to kill you because how else a plant will survive in a cave?!? So remember, be a good gardener and feed your plants and they might even let you live the next run in Back in the Caves!(not really)

The design and animation are made by our fellow graphic Andrea “Finlith” Sala and it’s just one of his many creations you’ll see in the final release!

  5 Responses to “Not so regular Update N.2”

  1. These graphics look very interesting. I hope the whole game will look like this.

  2. Game Experience Pack Is Dead , Isn’t It ??! (((

  3. Is Experience Pack dead?

  4. keep it up!

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