Jun 172014

Yeah, it’s been just 4 days since the last update. It seems like I’m not breaking my promise to write one post a week, who would have guessed?
Today I’m here to share some exciting news and some cool pictures too, courtesy of our artist Cecilia.

On the 1st of July, Ornitocopter is attending New Game Designer 2014, an event hold in Università Statale of Milan. You don’t get many chances to showcase your work here in Italy, so we’re very excited about this opportunity! During the event we will put up a stand where everyone can try out our game, press and public alike.

As soon as Cecilia heard the news she went off to make some amazing paintings (Acrylic on canvas). Here’s what she created!

AdventrixPaintings  AdventrixPainting1  AdventrixPainting2

The paintings star the Adventrix main character, a little scaredy-frog soldier. Certainly he’s not the bravest toad of the pond, so when the evil rat and his two accomplices attacked the frog kingdom he ran from the fight. Hiding in the woods, the soldier witnessed the defeat of the frog army and the kidnapping of all the little tadpoles. Still shaking in fear and crying for his cowardice, he returned to his now destroyed kingdom, in order to redeem himself. The little soldier is tasked to cross turbulent rapids, fly through stormy skies and venture deep into a volcano in order to reach the evil rat and save the tadpoles. Fortunately for him, our soldier won’t be the only main character. Someone will help him greatly through his quest, but we will talk about her another time.

During New Game Designer 2014 we will put these paintings on display to decorate our stand. They’ll surely help us get some attention!

Next time I’ll tell you something more about Adventrix gameplay and I’ll let you listen to some of the wonderful tracks composed by our talented musician Luca.

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  1. Very nice artwork.

  2. no morrowind….

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