Sep 302012

Here’s an updated post!


UPDATE: added torrent magnet link, thanks to shadow808!

Yep, we made it, at last 🙂

The new version of the overhaul is finally available for download.

Here’s a nice list of download links:

Links you might find useful:

The official forums will be cleaned and ready to use tomorrow. If you are having problems in the meantime please post here on the blog.

That’s all, Have fun!

And remember that there are plenty of Morrowind mods available on the internet so don’t stop at this compilation!


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  1. I’ve been checking this everyday since i heard about this mod. It’s FINALLY OUT!!

    • Is the installer finished then?

    • is there a proper mirror to download? the rates are outrageous.

    • imay just be missing something stupid here but i can’t unpack the rar file due to::
      Error: CRC mismatch in file “C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Data.exe” in the archive “C:\Users\God\Desktop\MGSO_3.0_Final.rar”
      Irrecoverable Error: CRC error detected.
      the above error i dont know where to unpack this thing and there is no readme!!!
      plz help am really trying hard to figure this out here

      • youre HDD is malfunctioning. It might be due to excessive wear or something of the sort. I had an old PC with that problem and it was due to the hardware itself. Try defragging it and clearing some memory and then download it again

  2. Yay!
    Thank you :>

    • I second that… this has “hard work” written all over it! I’m just starting Morrowind for the first time (played through Oblivion and Skyrim), and this mod makes it look really good! Thanks and Bravo!

  3. And to think I almost didnt check today. Maybe its good thing i crashed on my skateboard at 48mph. Yay to something to do while i wait to be able to work again :D.
    Sending love to Kingpix ————————— <3

  4. Yes! Thank you so much for your work.

    Only trouble now is that the weekend is almost over. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

    And Kingpix, go have yourself that beer.

  6. HOLY MOTHER! Been waiting for this since for ever! Thank you kingpix for all your hard work! Don’t listen to the haters!

  7. I will upload this to piratebay as soon as I downloaded it from here.

  8. Finally! Been checking every day. Hope that torrent comes up soon. Thanks for all the work.

  9. AMAZING! Thanks! I’ll finally play Morrowind properly 😀

  10. It’s my birthday, thank you for this gift!!!


  12. Thankyou so much for your hard work! Luckily my current install kicked the bucket yesterday, definitely reinstalling with this~

  13. Thank you to Kingpix and everyone who worked on this. It is truly appreciated. Now, go enjoy that beer! 😀

  14. tomorrow is my birthday its nice gift for me :)… and only 5 minutes before I installed MO 2.0 becouse I could not wait 😀 ….Kingpix u earn big one beer… or more

  15. Huzzah!

  16. Question, why am i getting 25-35fps on a Core i7 2700k@4.8GHZ, 16gb RAM, and two GTX 480s?

    • You already installed it? Lol, blazing fast.
      Anyway that’s pretty normal, sadly. Morrowind is not well optimized.
      Anyway disabling SLI can IMPROVE performances, because Morrowind works bad with multi GPU systems. Read the personalization guide to see how you can enhance the performance more.

    • Can u upload the game on some fast server? this server seems little slow and I cant wait

    • Just out of curiosity, did you install on the maximum settings?

    • There’s a setting you might want to switch off in mgexe that doesn’t play nice with SLI. I got a bit of improvement from that (with no loss in any quality, since it’s not a gfx setting). I also switched off in-game AA in favor of FXAA through nvidia drivers which netted me a handful more fps.I’m getting 45-50 in most places with my i5 2500k @4.0 8G with SLI’d 560 tis.

  17. Awesome! And of course, it releases on the same day that I give in and download 2.0.

  18. Asked in previous post, asking here again – sorry!)

    Would it be installable and playable on Russian version of Morrowind?
    (Morrowind+Tribunal+Bloodmoon version 1.6.1820 released by 1C)

    • FAQ:

      “Will I be able to play if I have a non-English version of the game?”

      “Morrowind Overhaul works with an English version of Morrowind only. If you have to French version of the game you will be able to use the French version of the Overhaul. Users with Morrowind of another language won’t be able to play until a translation of MGSO is made.”

  19. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere, could someone please tell me how do you update from older version? Is it possible at all? Is it in the downloaded readme? I’m confused!

    • I don’t think that’s possible. They made so much changes than instead of updating to 2.x, they pretty much rebuilt everything, so you need a clean install to run it. Perhaps you can export your game data and import it on a fresh install? If not, well I think this is a good chance to start a new game and enjoy a Morrowind like nobody has seen before 🙂

  20. Wait… What?.. It feels too early. Thought it would be released in about two weeks.. Oh well, cant complain

  21. Thank you! I’ve been waiting for a month to reinstall Morrowind with this mod.

  22. .. and how “soon” is torrent..? Shouldn’t that be the first thing you upload?

  23. Nice, thanks for the release! I can’t help but think that the torrent should have been the very first thing to release, it would have sped up the downloads a lot better…maybe someone has uploaded this to another torrent tracker already?

    Getting pretty bad speeds off the server here.

    Regardless, thank you for your work!

  24. Yeah you definately want a torrent up asap man, hollywood may bitch but that technology is a gift from Zeus himself to modders.

    Looking forward to trying the game btw, though it’ll probably have to wait for a different download source as the one up atm is dead 😛 unsuprisingly ^^

  25. I have just a question: is better to install this overhaul before or after the patches (as the Morrowind Code Patch or the Unofficial Morrowind Patch)? By the way…I am astonished! All my thanks for your great work, you are like an hero!

  26. I love you

  27. Captain’s Log No. 21 – Morrowind Overhaul finally came out! I am leaving work early to go home to play it.
    Captain’s Log No. 22 – I have begun attempting to download Morrowind Overhaul 3.0
    Captain’s Log No. 23 – Come on… Come on… Come on… Come on… Come on…
    Captain’s Log No. 24 – It has been 2 in a half hours and I am only 0.5/1.7 GB in. 6 hours remain.
    Captain’s Log No. 25 – I shot myself. The wait was too long and I could not stand another minute alive without Morrowind Overhaul 3.0

    • Captain’s Log No. 26 – Apparently I wrote log no. 25 while dead. And log no. 26 as well.
      Captain’s Log No. 27 – Beginning to realize I am haunting this computer. Preliminary hypothesis: Attachment to Morrowind Overhaul v3.0 keeping my spirit from crossing over.
      Captain’s Log No. 28 – uTorrent crawling at 0.1 kB/sec. Attempting to hail Pirate Bay.
      Captain’s Log No. 29 – No response.
      Captain’s Log No. 30 – Never knew purgatory would be an endless download… someone… help… please…

    • Captain’s Log No. 31 – Download complete!
      Captain’s Log No. 32 – Install working, menus working… crash on trying to skip introduction video.
      Captain’s Log No. 33 – It’s… it’s… actually working! Now I can die happy. THANK YOU KINGPIX! xD

  28. Brilliant. I’ve been waiting weeks for this, here’s hoping it works nicely. Thanks

  29. Tried downloading it twice now. Both times the file ended up corrupted. (but, of course, after four hours or so each time) 🙁
    Looks like I’ll have to wait for the torrent.

  30. Come on, someone torrent this! This has been highly anticipated but a terrible way to distribute.

  31. So.. where’s the torrent? 🙂

  32. How frustrating. After more than 7 hours and 90% complete, my download suddenly indicated that it completed. I was a little surprised, but went ahead and ran it through 7-Zip anyway. Sure enough, CRC error. I hope this is not happening to others.

    Oh well.

  33. YES! Thank you! I have been waiting for this for so so long (as have we all) Thank you so much for this! I’m so happy you don’t even know it! Thank you for making the next million hours I put into Morrowind spectacular!

  34. How long does it usually take for the download to be accepted at the ModDB mirror?

    • This is the third time I had to try downloading the mod again because it just keeps randomly stopping midway through unfinished.

      • you may have to wait for the torrent to go up or the mod db approval process to finish. I’m getting a total of 30kb from the direct link, so having to wait myself. 🙁 well I guess a another day won’t hurt.

  35. Sweet, only 10 more hrs til my download is complete. But seriously, thanks big time, we all really appreciate this.

  36. 7 more hours…

    If only I hadn’t cancelled the first download by accident.


  37. IT’S TIME

  38. My download failed about an hour and a half in… =/

    Any word on a torrent?

  39. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I can finally shave my beard and play Morrowind. Last time, I beat it and all its expansions to a bloody pulp. Now I will beat it to a bloodier, more beautiful pulp. Seriously though, I need to shave before I play…

  40. Bah it won’t let me post the link. Just go to The Pirate Bay and search “Morrowind Overhaul 3.0” – It should be the first torrent that pops up submitted by shadow808

    You know the rest. I’ll be seeding after my download is finished. Just started and already at 114 MB

  41. Not working for me. If backups my morrowind, extracts files, then it just glitches, and not giving me my controls back.

    • Same here, it stops on the last step. Creating Distant Land, get a fatal error.

      • Same here as well. Damn, that’s unlucky 🙁 Any ideas how to make it work?

        • Ok, pressing ctrl+alt+del helped me to regain mouse control, then I clicked on the error popup and it started to autoconfigure again, I hope that the distant land will be created.

          • Aaaaaand something is wrong. I started a new game and the guards on the ship aren’t coming to free me 🙁

          • Ok, loading and old savegame from Overhaul 2.0 seems to have helped – now the guards are coming every single time and I can play with no problems. Distant land is working too, so it’s perfect, thanks 🙂

      • I got it working last night, for an update, all i did was let it Fatal Error during Creating Distant Lands, then I click Automatic Setup, and all works.

    • Same for me! Not responding after extraction!


    • Yes, i had to regain mouse control. get the error, then click a new tab, and click create distant lands.

      • Same thing happened to me when I hit “extract files” except when I ctrl-alt-delete to get mouse control back I just got the “not responding” error and the program shuts down.

  42. Well that settles it, i loves you

  43. Noooooeeeeeez i passend the release … 10mins befor i was looking here

  44. Seeding shadow808’s torrent as much as I’m downloading.

    Thanks to the whole team, you are the bane of everyone who brings up Morrowind to me, because I never shut up about MGSO.

  45. I understand that it “might be slow due to the large number of simultaneous downloads…” but is an example of that just opening a new blank tab when using Firefox? That’s what I’ve been getting all day.

  46. I totally lost my shit. So happy it’s finally here! TTATT Thank you so much for your hard work! Your fans greatly appreciate it. <3

  47. You are the best! Thank you very much for this hard work.

  48. Awww yisss

  49. I’ve installed all of the prerquisites and whatnot (I’m 99.9% sure), but when it gets to installing MGE, no matter what version I pick in the “MGSO Options” menu, I keep getting an “MGEgui has stopped working” error message when I click “Run MGE” on the next-to-last step. Someone please help D:

    I’m running Windows 7 x64 if that makes any difference

  50. I cant wait any more

  51. I cant wait any more

  52. Seeding the torrent with my seedbox. Download speeds should be pretty damn good with it.

  53. This is amazing. The game looks glorious! And so very simple to set up!

    One thing, is there a way to scale up aspects of the HUD a bit? At my resolution, the minimap in the corner is teensy, uselessly teensy. That’s my only issue so far. Well, that and I had some weird shimmer on the edges of objects while moving, but turning in-game AA off and applying FXAA through drivers sorted it (and increased my framerate a bit).

    • Oh, and I recommend the torrent that’s up on Piratebay to anyone not wanting to wait a month for the direct dl to finish. I had it downloaded within ten minutes.

      • The torrend does’nt work… hmm

        • Worked perfectly for me not three hours back. Plenty of seeders. uTorrent was done with it in no time.

          • Or you could try the torrent that’s been added to this post in an update, perhaps.

          • Wich filetyp is this Package?

            i see always a “File”-Data… and non of my programms can open it

          • I take it you’ve not used torrents before? You need a client. Download uTorrent, or similar. It’s free.

            Torrents are a different way of getting files, where you’re downloading it from everyone else who is dowloading it, or has downloaded it. The file is just what directs the client what it’s dowloading, it’s not the file you’re looking for itself.

    • Nevermind. I totally forgot you could resize and pin the main map to the screen. I guess it’s been a while!

  54. Woo! Got it to work! Thank you for everything Kingpix! The first few times it froze after the cutscene but I redid it twice and it worked fine.


  56. YES it’s OURSH!! The precious is MINE!!! *dances*

  57. I got it running, but the very begging is bugged lol. The guy to come walk you to the top of the boat doesn’t come, so I’m just stuck here. Any console commands to get past that part or… well this is frustrating lol! i can play the game but I can’t get past the first part >.<

    • Scratch that, I just turned TCL on / off and it fixed it.

      – Problem solved for those facing the same problems.

      And this game … I can’t believe its still on the original morrowind engine. To all the modders and people who helped on this project, unbelievable!

  58. Does it work for the german GOTY Edition of Morrowind?

  59. Installation went perfectly, I was amazed at how easy this was! I already played it for a while and it’s working great on my computer. I have an i5 2500k, 8GB Ram and AMD HD6870. I chose the Fast PC configuration and i’m getting around 27fps. Nice! Thanks for all the work

  60. Hey guys. I wasn’t able to install because my virus scanner found a trojan horse: see here:

    Could be the case that Norman Virus Control is being silly, but what should I do?

  61. Mmm… Marvelous but… mod list?

  62. Looking forward to finally checking this out!!

    Is “The Lighting Mod” a worthwhile addition here? ? Is it made redundant by anything in Overhaul 3.0?

  63. Great News, and fab work with the new installer! Will continue my LP promoting your mod 😉

  64. Getting a crash as soon as I try to play.

  65. What is with the content of the Morrowind Overhaul – Game Experience ?

    Contains this download some parts of it?

  66. That torrent magnet link is bloody fast, thanks to all for seeding 🙂

  67. So, what about stopped instalation after extracting?

  68. Gaah, someone please link to a NON Pirate Bay torrent?!

  69. Bah, I’ve been looking forwards to this for ages and now I can’t get it working. I’ve done a full clean install (even deleted all local files from my computer and redownlaoded the game), I’ve run the installer paying attention to each step, every check has passed without fail and I’ve even re installed checked components to be certain they are up to date. The installer completes okay, but as soon as I try to start a new game the program crashes. Every time.

    Anyone else encountered this? Any fixes?

  70. 2 hours in, and my love with Morrowind has been renewed – it’s simply amazing.

    Could it be possible to make a list of mods you would have included, but couldn’t because of lack of permission?

    Also, if anyone is having problems with walking through grass, just disable the following esp’s:

    Grass_West Gash.esp
    Grass_Ascadian Isles.esp
    Grass_Bitter Coast.esp

    This will fix the problem (maybe this is a bug? In any case, it should be mentioned in the wiki).

    Thank you for the hard work, Kingpix!

  71. Ive tried working this out myself and with google for 20 minutes. once the direct x is in a temp folder, which one of the 10 june 10 zip files do i use and where does it go please?!

  72. […] Version 3.0 of Morrowind Overhaul has been released. It can be acquired here. […]

  73. Awesome, glad it’s out. Downloading now, thank you for all the hard work.

    On another note, since I’m still not sure, does this effect combat at all, and if not, any suggestions for a combat related mod?

  74. […] link for the mod, which is now out at last. There are assorted download places to click at here, though you’re probably best off going for the torrent, unless you’re trying to […]

  75. It has been said many times before, but I have to say it too: This is utterly amazing, it was well worth the wait. I didn’t think ANYONE could polish this “old” game to the state it is now, my mouth was open for the first five minutes. Also, the Automatic Installer is very well made aswell and very easy to handle.
    Overall, this was an amazing job, kudos to all of you!

  76. Anyone else having problems with the MGSO options popup window being to big, essentially cutting off the button you need to press to continue?! because It seems like I’ve tried everything to fix this problem but can’t seem to reduce the size of the Window. Any Ideas?

  77. Does anyone encouter any problems with the grass? Mod works quite well except the grass, which is disappearing and appearing back in random places.

  78. I have just walked from seyda neen to balmora, my jaw has not closed for 8 minutes, fantastic work!
    Now the long haul of modding everything else in 🙁

  79. […] Ten years after its original release, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind continues to be loved and enjoyed by its fans. While the gameplay holds up well, the Bethesda freeform adventure shows its age when it comes to graphics. Fortunately, a group of dedicated modders have given Morrowind a complete sound and graphics overhaul. […]

  80. The torrent was really fast last night(US), so if this site’s link is slower than like 250 mb/s, get the torrent. Also, most importantly, the installer is amazing. Installed a ton of game changing mods with out ONE problem. I wish I had money to give you, thanks for your hard work.

  81. Anyone know of a way to force Steam to publish screenshots without the use of the overlay? Thanks.

  82. […] tempo fa, è diventata disponibile la versione 3.0 della Morrowind Overhaul, scaricabile a questo indirizzo. Per chiunque a cui questo nome suoni ignoto, si ricorda che è una collezione di mod, non […]

  83. here’s your mirror sir!

    it’s currently limited to 64 KB / 100 users ftp but from ~next week onward it’s going to be a lot sexier 😉

  84. How do I change from MGE XE to MGE Rev 186 after installation?

    • Use MGSO Options (MGSO Options.exe).
      If you don’t know how to use it please refer to the Personalization guide, it’s in your Morrowind folder.

  85. YAAAAY!!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  86. […] Here is the link to Ornitocopter’s download page. […]

  87. I have a strange problem. The MGSO 3.0 installation was flawless on top of fresh Steam download. When I start a new game, the keyboard controls don’t work. Only ctrl-alt-del to get to the task manager and the initial dialog to enter a name work so the keyboard interface appears to be fine, but the esc and direction keys do not function. I checked the keyboard options and they are the vanilla setup.

    Any suggestions?

  88. When I run MGE on the installer i get the error… d3derr_devicelost: Device lost (-2005530520). Is this a problem with my video card drivers or something? Help!

    • To clarify, it freezes when i run MGE after you select the file for screenshots. If i Alt+Ctrl+del i can click contine then it gives me the error above.

  89. Running Win7 x86 with a Phenom II 965 x4 3.4Ghz, GeForce GTX 460, and 4GB RAM.

    I chose Fast, then tweaked the flora settings a bit to more performance-heavy ones, but reduced Distant Land settings a bit. I’m getting 50+ in interiors and 25-30 in exteriors. I think I’m just going to play like that.

    I tried Very Fast first, it gave me 40+ in interiors and about 19 in exteriors.

  90. […] to arrive soon after the trailer, however that did not happen. Fast forward a little, and now the Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 mod is officially released. There are several places you can download it from at the source, along with aa link to the […]

  91. I think its funny how “postman” made a mirror, and myself, “postal808”, (short for postalservice), made a torrent.
    To the postmen ! Cheers !

  92. No option to install through Desura?

  93. […] overhaul. The version 3.0 overhaul, seen in all its resplendent glory in the trailer above, is now available for download. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src=%27 […]

  94. Has anyone else had trouble picking up the papers at the beginning? When I go to grab them it’s completely blank and I am just stuck and can’t do anything.

  95. I am curious though, if I want to edit the mods would I have to uninstall it and reinstall it or just redo the Overhaul program?

    • And is there a way to hide the framerate in the corner?

      • Disregard the first question, the button for some reason wouldn’t work when I tried but still want to know about the framerate.

        • MGEXEgui, it’s a checkbox in there. It’s one of the bits that the installer goes through, but this file lets you get straight to it

          • Thanks! I kinda figured it was in there but I didn’t want to mess with anything. I got it to average at 20 fps so I am fine with not seeing it all the time. lol

  96. […] Morrowind‘s graphics can look a bit dated by modern standards, but thanks to a dedicated modding community, Morrowind regularly gets a very intense graphical overhaul. The version 3.0 overhaul, seen in all its resplendent glory in the trailer above, is now available for download. […]

  97. […] A list download mirrors can be found on […]

  98. I’m having a problem updating Bloodmoon to 1.6. I get the message: “Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since contents do not match.” Anyone else having this problem or know the solution?

  99. which program do I use to open this?

    • A torrent client, if you’re referring to the torrent. UTorrent, bitTorrent, etc. It amazes me (honest surprise, no offense intended at all) that there are still people who don’t know about torrents, or who think, perhaps, that they’re just for pirates.

      • Oh, but if you’re referring to the .rar, than an unrar/unzip program. That seemed less likely, since it’s hard to use a pc these last ten years without one! 🙂

  100. I’ve played with previous overhaul mod (2.x?) – and I am in the middle of game – will my saved games work in new morrowind overhaul???

    • If you’re not using any other mod you won’t have any problem.
      If you’re using other mods you’ll have to reinstall them after installing MGSO 3.0

      • No, i used overhaul 2.1 only – so You want to say i can install 3.0 on prevoius one (or do I need to have freash install???))

  101. I have a question when I play … after about 10-mins or so I feel blown out of my mind and I get a very bad headache any reason in particular for this

    • The DOF or “blur” may cause this in some cases. Check out the wiki for disabling it (first thing under the FAQ)

  102. I can’t seem to get pass the game requirements. It says, I need to have tribunal and bloodmoon install and version updated. But I did all of that and I reinstalled them in the order of which the guide mentions.

    • I have a similar problem. My game is installed on my E drive and the 3.0 installer can’t see it.

      How can I tell it where my files are?


    • Also I extracted the files to C:\moinstaller but it seems to not extract them into the morrowind file correctly. Which seem to be the problem on why it doesn’t read that I got bloodmoon and tribunal installed and up to date. That be my guess on the problem. Plus when I tried extracting the files to the morrowind file it gave me this error or winRAR: Diagnostic messages. C:\User\Santiago\Downloads\MGSO_3.0_Final.rar: Cannot create MOInstaller.exe” Access is denied : (

  103. Getting KillAV.NOP (Trojan) virus message when trying to download the file from various sources.

  104. […] Morrowind, good news! The intrepid mod collectors over at Ornitocopter have gone ahead and put out Morrowind Overhaul v3.0, which, you guessed it, collects a bunch of mods to overhaul the entirety of the third Elder […]

  105. Is there any chance to get a running version of that for the german version??

  106. it works – i put some other mods in my morrowind after installing MO : MC, Elemental Magicka, galsiahs_character_development_v107c, NPC Functionality… at the moment i try to put NOM in my list… but it makes much errors… . 🙂

  107. […] znalazłem powyższy filmik wraz z wiadomością, że można ściagnąć Morrowind Overhaul w wersji 3.0. Piękne zachody słońca, świetnie wyglądające tekstury i woda. […]

  108. […] is trying to end civilization by releasing an overhaul of Morrowind that revamps the game to look quite pretty, indeed. That link contains all the info about the dastardly plan you could want, but the trailer alone is […]

  109. […] Autor: Max Doll  Quelle: « Vorige News | Nächste News […]

  110. no seed active for torrents?

  111. I just downloaded the game new and the Mod.
    But when I extract the Mod into my Morrowind order the Moinstaller dissapears (never shows up)
    This also happens when I extract it somewhere else 🙁 Please help

  112. […] plástica de Morrowind consegue deixar o jogo quase bonito o bastante para os padrões atuais, e já está disponível para download (de […]

  113. Disabling SLI will give me better performance? Can anyone confirm this?

    • I actually enabled it (I had it disabled to use one card for PhysX in Borderlands 2) and saw a distinct improvement. So I cannot confirm it. Ymmv . Why not try it? It’s a matter of only a few clicks and maybe twenty seconds.

      • Yah I’ll try it myself, but thx for the reply.

        Was just asking because I’m at work now, but can’t get Morrowind off the brain now that MGSO 3.0 is out 🙂

  114. Trying to install v3 on a windows 7 PC and get all the way up to the mlox sort order install page and it crashes/hangs every time. I see the DOS window pop up and a blinking cursor sometimes but it always locks up. Tried running mlox independantly of the installer still no luck. HELP

  115. Thanks for 3.0!
    For me, it’s running much better than the previous version and also looks better!
    No problems running it on the ‘Fast’ setting with my few year old PC (Radeon 5830, Phenom II X6 1055T and 8GB RAM).
    Flawless install, up and running in no time!

  116. hi i have a problem – my underwater world… looks like in the vanilla morrowind… what can i do? =(

  117. Hello. I am having some problems. My grass is flickering. I am pretty sure its the movable grass. I am running the whole thing with max settings. My graphics card is an HD 7970. My Catalyst version is 12.3 I believe, and I had already tried updating it with no luck. So if anybody knows the option that will fix that in the installation, it will be greatly appreciated.

    • From Kingpix (Glory to Him) above:

      “Switch to regular MGE Rev. 186 with MGSO Options. There’s nothing else you can do at the moment. Is a conflict between the drivers and MGE XE with some videocards. “

    • To Pvt snowyballs: I found that with my HD 5770/Athlon II x2 245, @ 2.9GHz, 8 gigs of DDR3 1600 dual-channel, running @1920×1200, Cats. 12.8 WHQL, that I had to disable MWSE from inside MGE XE v.09, before Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 would run. Of course, MGE XE is still running. Runs great, now. With all options on, including SSAO quality both inside and out, even FSAAx2 (and sometimes x4), I average 20-25 fps outside and ~ 60fps inside, most of the times when I bothered to look, that is…;)

      You might want to try this…I’m new to this particular mod collection (HOW SWEET IT IS!) and so don’t really know what if anything I’m missing with MWSE disabled.

      To the Overhaul 3.0 crew: I decided to do this rather than to go the Morrowblivion route as that looked fraught with problems while Overhaul 3.0 is a very straight-up proposition. Thanks so much to the guys who did the work on integrating these mods into this package! It was a marathon, no doubt, but you’ve produced a masterpiece.

      I’m sort of ashamed of it–in a way–but even though I am a great RPG lover, and a Bethesda player from way back (Daggerfall, anyone? The penultimate but fun bug fest.) I have to confess that both Morrowind and Oblivion bored me to tears before I’d gotten in even 10 hours and so I never completed either–although Skyrim and I are good at 150 hours plus and still going strong..;) MW would literally put me to sleep when I played, and Oblivion I found mind-numbing with all of those repetitive Gates. BUT NOW… Morrowind has a new lease on life, so I dusted of my three CDs and followed the Overhaul 3.0 instructions to the letter–and had no problems after reading the FAQ and solving the MWSE issue! I’m still amazed by that, frankly. This is a complex procedure you’ve managed to make very easy–thanks, again! Oh, Yea, BTW, I found a NOCD patch that actually works with MW, but I’m guessing that with Tribunal and Bloodmoon I’ve still got to put the CD’s in to play. We’ll see–meantime, it’s nice not having to worry about the CD being in the drive…;)

  118. Having a problem making a character once I reach the point of selecting my sign, there’s no continue button and none of my controls are letting me continue.

  119. […] Poniektórzy pewnie wspominają z niemałym rozrzewnieniem The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind – jednego z najwybitniejszych przedstawicieli gatunku cRPG, który zasłużenie zgarnął setki branżowych nagród i ukradł serca graczom. Chcielibyście wrócić do Morrowinda? Jest ku temu doskonała okazja! Pojawił się bowiem mod Morrowind Overhaul v 3.0, przynoszący wiele korzystnych zmian i odświeżający tę klasyczną już produkcję. Jest to zestaw praktycznie wszystkich istotnych modyfikacji do Morrowinda, zebranych w jedną całość i zmuszony do jednoczesnego działania. Zmiany objęły nie tylko kwestie mechaniczne, ale również techniczne np.: efekty świetlne, tekstur, animacje, dźwięki itp. Graficznie może nie jest to ósmy cud świata, niemniej pamiętajmy iż obcujemy z dziewięcioletnią grą! Do uruchomienia Morrowind Overhaul v 3.0 potrzeba tylko Morrowinda (wersja ENG) i ściągnięcia moda spod TEGO LINKU. […]

  120. The Elder Scrolls Collection is for sale on Steam at 59.98 USD, original price 119.96 USD. Thats 50% off, MGSO 3.0 was just released, as well as other good mods for titles other than TES III, like STEP for TES IV.

    If you’ve been debating over buying a copy of anygame, or all. Now’s a good time.

  121. I can safely say that 3.0 was well worth the wait. You REALLY optimized it nicely, thanks bro.

    I would pay you if I could.

  122. […] review. Off topic, anybody who has Morrowind and some decent PC specs may want to check out this, Morrowind Overhaul 3. You'll need the original game to play, but it seems to be a pretty massive update of the 2002 […]

  123. So I have an issue… Is this the best place for it? Some esm’s are missing when I try to start the game after the install first was Better_Heads.esm (I downloaded that and added it myself) now TR_Map1.esm (I cannot find this one for download with the Tamriel Rebuilt mods.

    Thanks for this awesome mode

  124. the installer freezes up at the mlox step… what must I do to make this work? O_O

  125. […] Θα το βρείτε στο επίσημο site του. […]

  126. My Moinstaller wont appear when I extract it into my game files. Please help 🙁

  127. […] Gelegenheit die Bibliothek zu erweitern, und ja, jetzt hab ich mir Morrowind gekauft und gleich mit Morrowind Overhaul 3.0, einem Metapatch bearbeitet. Schaut jetzt richtig gut aus, und die Animationen sind auch etwas […]

  128. I need help!
    Everything will very well until the option “Morrowind Launcher” the installer start the launcher, clicked on options and stop there, mous is not moving, so I press ctrl+alt+del
    If I close the launcher, the installer will broke up. I doesnt know witch “plugins” should be registered, but in the .ini are 64 esp files.

    My OS is windows 8 enterprise (try with compatible mode…)

    • Hi, me again, I use google: So i know the bsa must be registered in the morrowind.ini. BUT there are already in he ini. So its possible to skip this step? Maybe add a line in MOInstaller.ini?

      • I have the same problem. Any solution to this? I am using the Steam GOTY edition. Mouse movement jus stops after selection options. Is there a way of skipping this step and do it manually? 🙁

  129. Mod is so beautiful, thank you for making it so nice and easy installed!

    Anyway, I have a problem – when talking to anyone in Balmora Temple ( I have talked with people only in Seyda Neen so far, and temple was first place I have visited after ), game just freeze when closing dialog window. Any idea why is this happening?

    I have reloaded few times – always the same, no matter with what character I am talking with.

  130. When will this be working with the german version ? Right now only english and french I heard.

  131. […] can download the mod right here if you want to give it a look. Installation is pretty simple, but make sure you’re applying the […]

  132. I tried to download twice and everytime this happens when I try to open the launcher in the installer:
    The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
    After I deleted and reinstalled, morrowind worked – ofcourse without the overhaul.
    btw I use Steam


  133. […] modificações já feitas para o The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind e recentemente os responsáveis liberaram a versão 3.0, que além de várias melhorias ainda promete trazer um método de instalação mais […]

  134. […] you need, and will set you back $10 on Steam. The process is lengthy but straightforward: download the 2GB file, unzip its contents into your Morrowind directory, and run the “MO Installer” executable. If […]

  135. […] you need, and will set you back $10 on Steam. The process is lengthy but straightforward: download the 2GB file, unzip its contents into your Morrowind directory, and run the “MO Installer” executable. If […]

  136. […] oder wer das Spiel endlich mal spielen will, kann statt einzelner Mods seine Basisinstallation mit Overhaul 3.0 auf ein hohes Niveau (Grafisch etwa zwischen Oblivion und Skyrim) bringen. Ein Metamod das wert […]

  137. Thank you so much for taking time out of y’all’s days to make something like this. I love Morrowind, but, since Oblivion and Skyrim have outshined their predecessor in the graphics department, I kind of found it hard to play. Not that I don’t appreciate fantastic gameplay, of course. But, this is going to be killer!!!

  138. I hate you. You took so much time to make buggy installer.
    It glitches on “Morrowind Backup” after files extraction. It doesn’t give me controls and if I regain them by CTRL ALT DEL the “next” button isn’t working.

  139. I have the same problem the Makro has. How can I get rid of it?

  140. Hello Orni! It worked flawless but as i set my res to 1920×1080 it wont change from the max you can choose in default. How do i fix this? Or do i launch it from anywhere else?

  141. I have the Steam version, followed all the steps on the installer but the game now asks for the cd! Now, I have a CD version of the game as well, it starts fine then with the CD inserted, but none of the water reflective effects work and the shrubbery textures etc are vanilla around Seyda. Everything was working fine with the previous version. Any ideas?

    • My god I’m stupid, created different exe, when installed under xp, now on wint I used the same exe, not the one I should have:(

      Thx anyway!:P

  142. […] you need, and will set you back $10 on Steam. The process is lengthy but straightforward: download the 2GB file, unzip its contents into your Morrowind directory, and run the “MO Installer” executable. If […]

  143. I downloaded it and it had a Trojan attached to it!! Good thing I have Vipre anti virus. Any suggestions as to why it had that virus attached any links that don’t have the virus with it????

  144. I love what this mod does. However, I dont know about anyone else but whenever i install it and run the game i will get a TR-LoopScript error. If i ignore that then the game will still load but the screen is black. The music and voices are playing and i can see my HUD and thats it. No land or building.

    anyone else had this problem??

  145. mgegui stopped working.I tried everything.I really need help.

  146. I’ve been playing this for a couple of days and it really helped me get into Morrowind. I’m addicted now.

    I was wondering though, does anyone know how I can get Book Rotate to work? MGSO uses Book Jackets, but that’s supposed to be compatible with Book Rotate, yet I cannot have them both on at the same time. Does anyone get this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  147. is there anyway to fix the grass it is like flickerin alot and its annoying.

  148. Great thanks to all the people involved in this project.
    I tried to install over the previous version (2.3 maybe), and except a minor error in the install (cannot select anything else than vanilla magical object glow) it works very well.
    However it seems that on the first menu screen, when I start the game (the yellow one), that it is written something like MSO 2.0. Is it OK?
    Regarding the perfs, for info: i7920 @ 3.8Ghz, 6Go RAM, GTX460 OC, 1920*1080, Max settings (except AA2x and advanced shadows deactivated outside), the game never runs below 20fps outside. It is low, but OK for this game, I know that I can improve the fps however (AA of).

  149. Hey guys! Just downloaded Morrowind and the expansions and Overhaul! Cannot wait to play! I have got Morrowind and the expansions working using an ISO mount. But for some reason when I unzip this file into the morrowind folder and go into the installer it says some Morrowind files are missing, and it cannot find the expansions?

    Help please. Haha it definitely has all the files and expansions, I have played it without errors and everything. Just can’t get overhaul working. Thanks guys!

  150. or does it take longer than 20 minutes, and I’m the impatient one?

  151. How can we take screenshots ??

  152. Is there any way to get Book Rotate to work with this? Thanks for your help.

  153. I installed the overhaul and then tryed to run, got the line error: object failed to perform requested function so I installed the “fixed” version of the installer and got the same error… not sure where to go from here

  154. Not to be a douche, (here comes douche comment…)

    Could the dev or somebody please address the issue of the virus that this installer contains? I run Kaspersky 2013 and it found 4 Trojans in the .exe packages. There are at least 3 others in this thread that have noticed their AV’s finding a Trojan as well. I figure its finding the hooks that control the mouse during install and its a false positive, but I’m waaaaaaaaay to paranoid to re-install this or have it on my computer without some confirmation.

    Thank you for your hard work, devs.

  155. Kingpix and his team are are awesome! Mod installed with no problems and game is working flawlessly. It really is breathtaking.
    Did a clean install of Morrowind before I installed the mod. That’s a good way to avoid some potential problems.

  156. Well, I got around it..not fixed it..but around it.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before and even though I am past the problem, I still can’t understand what the problem was.

    I got around it by DL’ing it on another pc and extracting it on that PC. Then I moved the unrar’ed files (and the raw rar) to a USB drive to transfer it to my Gaming PC. Once on my GPC I first tried to unrar the rar that just unrar’ed on the other PC but no go on my GPC (I did this just to see if it would work). So I gave in and just moved the files that I unrar’ed on the other PC into the Morrowind folder.

    Strange huh?!

    Anyway, this is AWESOME! Thanks to your team and all the modders that made this possible!


  157. Works GREAT! Thanks again Kingpix and TEAM!

  158. Tried to register for an account on the forums to ask about this but I got “Unfortunately, you are a known spammer. Please go annoy some other forum.” I assure you I’m not a spammer and haven’t used the address I tried to register with for anything like that. I have no malware that could be doing so on my behalf.

    Anyway, good job on Overhaul 3.0! It breathes new life into Morrowind as a more modern game.

    My only problem so far, if anyone can help – is with the direction pointer on the mini-map and full size continent and local maps. Maybe it’s because I’m running at 1920×1080, but it’s so tiny (a couple pixels?) that I can’t really see which direction I’m headed unless I watch the surrounding terrain as I move. I’ve looked through the options and can’t yet find something to undo this change.

    Grazie 🙂

  159. Think you could do a Oblivion Overhaul mod too? Having a hard time finding good mods for Oblivion. Either ways, love this mod, thanks for the work.

  160. […] You can download this amazing mod from here. Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 […]

  161. I very rarely leave comments or reviews anywhere. But I had to come back here and say what a magnificent job was done with this package.
    I installed today on a brand new Toshiba laptop. Windows 8. I5 processor 6gb ram Intel graphics.

    The installation process is incredibly robust and easy to manage. I had constant interruptions from Windows halting the process with security things. I figured my way around them and was able to continue. Had to dl a dll or 2 as well. But even there the installation program would give directions on what to do.
    Amazing. And we’re not even to playing it yet! haha

    I’ve played maybe 2-3 hours since installation and haven’t had one crash.
    This whole package is the finest quality.
    I’ve been looking forward to a new computer and I knew I’d want to try out Morrowind with some well-selected mods. I can’t believe how good everything looks and how great everything works.
    Total Kudos the the people involved!

  162. I would love to give the entire game of the year edition of Morrowind with the overhaul 3.0 to my nephew for Christmas. I would be the best uncle to have ever lived!

    Problem is that he lives out in the middle of nowhere in farm country with absolutely no internet access? What can I do? Is there any way to get a cd or dvd version for purchase with the overhaul mod in place?

    Please help me make my nephews dream a reality. Any suggestions at all?

    Thanks to anyone who might have an answer!

    • sadly i’m probably too late, but you could have put the overhaul data on a disc that you could’ve accessed and installed after installing Morrowind

  163. Downloaded in 11 minutes, thank you good sir.

  164. For anyone with high end pc’s and having bad FPS you might want to check if your cards are using Optimus. If you do make sure you launch the Morrowind exe with your high performance card selection.

    I was getting 16fps indoors and 10 outdoors. Only way I could play was lowest setting.

    I have the following specs:

    I7 3630
    16gb ram
    680m GTX 4gb

    I went into nVidia control panel and set the default card to my nVidia instead of auto:integrated. You can also just right click the exe and select from a context menu.

    I now am getting FPS of 160 indoor (also turned vsync off for now) and 40ish FPS outdoors. I think I read the caps are at 60 for the game anyhow so I might turn vsync back on.

  165. This may seem late but THANK YOU! You’ve done a spectacular job with this mod.

  166. Every time someone told you to drink a beer, drink that many beers to celebrate. 🙂

  167. […] Hier findet Ihr Möglichkeiten zum Downloaden der Mod […]

  168. At least one vendor anti-virus appears to have cleared it.

    I submitted a request to Vipre to confirm.

  169. I would wait until the update clears, but here is the feedback.

    Thank you for your submission. VIPRE flagged 8 files inside of that archive, and they were all false positives. They will be corrected later today via a threat definition update.

    Warm Regards,

    Alan J. Brotz
    Junior Analyst, AVQA Operations
    ThreatTrack Security

  170. Thanks for you work Kingpix.
    Will there be any update options for 3.0_Final? I understand it says ‘final’, but sometimes there are epilogue updates 🙂

    Hope all is well with yeh’s.

    –_–_– Modded Morrowind Forever –_–_–

  171. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come
    here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?

    Superb work!

  172. Hey guys, My screen is completly black after installing this mod, i’ve tried to reboot, re launch and start a new character all to no avail. 🙁

  173. I’m downloading this right now…
    I will test it… IF it work, I will post many videos on youtube from this… awesome work 😀 thank you!

  174. This is the third post I’m making here, my other 2 posts are missing so I presume they have been deleted. I still cannot complete the installation as the MGSO window continues to crash so has a fix been found yet or not??

  175. works on linux too.

    Just install the game as told with playonlinux, then copy from a windows computer the whole morrowind dir with installed mod to the playonlinux prefix and that’s done.

    GG HF ^^

  176. I am truly thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this wonderful paragraph at at this time.

  177. I really love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme.

    Did you develop this site yourself? Please reply back as
    I’m planning to create my own personal site and want to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Thank you!

  178. Question, Does this Mod also improve the graphics and sound of Tribunal and Bloodmoon as well? or is it just for Morrowind? I think I might have just answered my question. Doesn’t make sense to improve Morrowind and not the expansion packs…but I figured I would ask just to make sure.

    • Hi Rebelrenegade1 ! Not only it imporve Tribunal and Bloodmoon, both are required to make it work properly.

  179. Hi, I’m having a problem during the installation process. The specific error is: “Access to the path ‘C:\Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\F\flora_tree_mh_01.nif is denied”. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    • HI maximus, might be a folder property problem with windows.

      • That’s what I thought… Tried changing security properties of all Morrowind folders, but was still getting this error. Anyway, after reinstalling Morrowind to C:\ (not to C:\Program Files) all problems dissapeared. Can recommend this to everyone with the similar issue or with other Windows 7 folder glitches.

  180. ok so the distant land generator isnt working for me when i run it it gives me a blank microsoft paint and says the bug or whatever has been put on it and then i have to turn it off. but the paint file is completly blank sooo yeah i dont know why its doing that. the rest is AWESOME though

  181. Hurrah, that’s what I was searching for, what a stuff! present here at this weblog, thanks admin of this site.

  182. shit.. can you split this file in… 100 parts? kk
    shit.. immpossible to me download this..

  183. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on news. Regards

  184. I’d like to thank you for making this amazing mod! Truth is, Morrowind can be an epic dream for those who played it during their early days of PC RPGs. And your work just made it possible that we can relive the dream again, in a much much more fancy frame!

  185. After the installation is done, is it possible to use the Steam overlay?

    • Nope, you can use it only if you disable Morrowind Graphics Extender.
      Since MGE is what gives you the majority of the graphical enanchements I suggest to let it be and just try to live without the community overlay.

  186. Hi there! Excited to get this thing installed but I’ve been coming across some issues… I managed to deal with all of them without too much stress until this:

    I get to the Morrowind Launcher section without issue, but it won’t run – I get the error message “the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)…”

    I’m running windows 7 64-bit if that helps. I’ve tried foolin’ around with compatibility settings but it hasn’t helped at all. Won’t run as administrator either. I couldn’t find a solution to this problem anywhere online!

    Please help! 🙁

    • …oh, and I completely forgot – I do not have the Steam version. Just plain ol’ disc version of the GotY edition. 🙂

  187. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iv installed the mod everything seemed good but when i click new, to start the game The intro vid will come on no problem but then its total black as in i carnt see anything.
    Im able to hear thing’s fine like the guy standing next to me, also if i hover over a container its name will appear like “crate” but that’s it i cant see a thing .

  188. I posted a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared —unless I’m addressing a different forum. I’m having big problems with MGSO. I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls games for many years and recently bought The Elder Scrolls Anthology. I have installed Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    They are at c:/Bethesda Softworks/ Morrowind.
    I have opened the Morrowind folder and noted that it contains Bloodmoon.bsa, Bloodmoon, Morrowind.bsa, Morrowind, Tribunal.bsa and Tribunal
    Ihave downloaded MGSO 3.0 and when I open it Iam given information on my installation.

    It’s a Morrowind folder —— No. Morrowind files are missing
    Latest game version 1.6.1820 —– the exe file is missing
    Tribinal and Bloodmoon installed —–No. Both expansions are missing
    UAC is disabled ——- Yes (Hurrah—something is right)
    I don’t understand this and Idon’t know how to move on.
    I can play Morrowind so the exe file cannot be missing. Ihave seen the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions in the morrowind folder. They are in Data Files What am I doing wrong ?
    Hope you can help and thank you in anticipation.

  189. Hey, I have a little issue with the mod. Grass in some places is floating or is misplaced like if it was created for a diffrent terrain (probably vanilla). I did clean instalation, followed instructions to the letter and it still happens no matter what grass setting I use. I noticed that Distand Land Generator shows 14 error warning before it finishes but I can’t review them because of the automated proccess which closses the window after finishing :/ I can still play without grass, but its just too beautifull to be left over 😀 Any ideas?

  190. So i installed it but my computer couldnt handle it, what do i need to do to uninstall it? should i re-install morrowind? btw i have morrowind on steam

  191. I need help! When im in the MGSO installer and im forced to open the morrowind launcher, the cursor just stays in the options menu.please help?

  192. Iam getting this message “unable to locate object ‘WAR_MISC_SKIRT12a’ in Leveled Item ‘_MCA_common_skirt”.

    Am I missing a mod that should be installed?


  193. Everytime i try to extract data.exe it wont let me. Here is what it tells me.

    Extracting to “C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\wz6ddf\”
    Use Path: yes Overlay Files: yes
    Extracting Data.exe
    Error: Bad data in file “C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\wz6ddf\Data.exe”
    Irrecoverable Error: Bad data detected.

    Please help

  194. I have installed the mod without any problems, but when I launch Morrowind, I only see the window that shows Morrowind is launching, the screen goes black for a second, and then I get booted back to the desktop. The launcher is still open, but I cannot click on anything or close it. Even the task manager will not end the program from here. If I try to open file explorer, Windows says that explorer has crashed, and I lose all the icons from the Desktop and the start bar. The only option is to hard reset.
    I have tried many different configurations of the mod, reinstalled several times with different settings, but get the exact same issue. Does anyone have any idea on how I might fix this?
    I have tried the fix in the FAQ, turning off “internal MWSE”, but that didn’t do anything. Either did using revision 186. Please Help!

  195. Is it possible to use this overhaul in a Cider port for Mac? Haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  196. Guys i had some problems installing this, after clicking the extract button a message saying please wait popped up and it seems stuck, cant move mouse. 1st time i had this i also couldnt ctrl alt del out of it so restarted tried again > same message. this time ctrl alt del worked. I clicked the installer again and could now move my mouse, moved the data.exe so i could click DOIT!, and now 0 problems :3

  197. The version on the nexus isnt working can you help me?

  198. […] You can download the complete overhaul install file from HERE. […]

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