Sep 232012

Hello everyone!

Since I keep receiving mails and posts asking what’s new since the good old v2.0 release, here are some info!

MGSO 3.0 has the following features over the last version:

  • An awesome (super, ultra, extra) auto-installer almost fully automated,
  • An incredibly useful Options program that can auto-change everything for you at any moment (like changing options to improve the performance, changing options to suit your tastes, etc),
  • A LOT of bugfixes (all the known problems are now fixed),
  • New options to choose from and new mods are now included,
  • A LOT of mods have been updated,
  • Improvements on the performance of the game,
  • Cleaner package resulting in less space used,
  • More detailed documentation explaining how to tweak the package and improve performances.
So…yeah, that’s a lot of stuff. That’s why I couldn’t make a normal patch, to do some changes I really had to re-make the package almost from scratch.

That being said, the current task is correcting all my grammar fails around the documentation and the installer. Once that is done, I can finally make this release and then have my beer, finally.

  138 Responses to “v3.0… what’s new?”

  1. w00t w00t!

  2. Yes! Fantastic.

    It’s amazing how much work you’ve put into this, appreciate it.

  3. Hell yes! It is time!

  4. It’s good to see that this is almost finished, and that it appears to have been greatly improved over the last version. Can’t wait for the release, it’s all very much appreciated. Fantastic work.

  5. Have you updated to MGE XE 0.9.9, too?

  6. Very good to hear man!!! I appreciate your hard work a lot =)

  7. You deserve this beer, Kingpix…

  8. all hail Sir Kingpix

  9. You deserve that beer! Now go, and fend off the grammar nazis of the future!

  10. We all love the work you’ve done for us, Kingpix. The blessings of the Tribunal be upon you, the others who worked on and tested the Overhaul, and all the wonderful modders whose mods are within this wonderful project!
    Long Live Morrowind!

  11. I’d just like to say many thanks for all your hard work.
    I’ve waited a long time for this and it’ll be so sweet when its finally released!

  12. Hey
    I just wanted to say big thanks.
    Morrowind is my beloved game, and this project was excatly what I was trying to do by myself, but, with rather bad result. So thanks! You are great. I can’t wait for version 3.0.
    Haha, now I must buy some new hardware to my pc, to enjoy higest quality option.
    PS. I hope for that performance updates, because Morrowind now needs more hardware than Skyrim;)

  13. Even though I am a member of the Grammar Police (I refuse to use that other word, it’s degrading esp. since I’m German) I say “Get on with it!” and just release the darn thing already.
    Unless said “grammar fails” make the documentation unreadable. Then, yeah, you should fix them. πŸ˜›

    • Don’t worry, Alucai. The people who take the nazis the most serious is the Germans themselves, really. Yes, we pick on you guys from time to time and we have this football rivalry, but we secretly admire you for how industrious you are. Join in on the fun. Just call us slave traders back or something.


      The Netherlands.

  14. I really love the recently 2.0-version. I am looking forward to the 3.0.

    Keep up the good work!


  15. Hard to believe that old good Morr is still alive! Had no time for 2.0, but after I saw the vids about 3.0 I definitely want to play Morr once more with 3.0 Overhaul! Thank you for it!
    How do you feel about the release date? Is it near a week or maybe two? As far as I can see everybody just can’t wait to see it! πŸ™‚

  16. Does that mean I’ll be able to alt-tab out of full screen without a crash? πŸ˜€
    Also where can I find ful list of mods that have been updated and the mods that weren’t here before?

  17. I’m planning on installing Morrowind on my PC for the first time ever (last time I played was on console). Is this overhaul pretty much all I need mod wise? Also, is it recommended to make the exe large address aware or will that mess with other mods?

  18. We all truly do appreciate all the effort, sweat, and tears you’ve placed into this project! You’re awesome!

  19. While you most certainly earned that beer. Open up a paypal or something so that I my throw you a couple of Septims to buy a few more beers, because you have given all sorts of new life to my favorite game growing up, and I appreciate all the hard work you and your team has done on this. Cannot wait for the release.

  20. yay, thanks for the hard work! πŸ™‚

    I am so looking forward to play morrowind again. And thanks for not releasing it before I finish my paper for universitiy this week. That could have get me into serious trouble. πŸ˜‰

    since I didn’t play the 2.0 version, I also would like to know which mods are included in the overhault.
    Also, I do have the german version of the Morrwowind GOTY-Edition. You guys would recommend to buy the english version on steam?

  21. Did you say “grammar fails?” I’m your man to help! I am a Grammar Nazi ready to correct any and all mistakes!

    • I as well, am a Grammar Nazi. Though I do it in my own head, not aloud. I could help with this, (I’m always working), but I could in the down time after surf and bombing some hills.

  22. Sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting to have another dabble in Morrowind (having not played it for five years or so) and am definitely going to wait until this is all go before I do.

  23. Well, FUCK GRAMMAR.

  24. How can we donate?

  25. Almosst OURSHH! Cantsss wait!

  26. Any word on the actual release date? I just started playing Morrowind again since my childhood and am really looking forward to the overhaul 3.0 release! Great fucking job, you deserve that beer. I just wish I had enough septims to give you to buy you case…

  27. Its like being pt’d by the best of them. Just as you give up hope you get given hope. Respect is due, but so is a proper release date – bugs, grammar warts and all.

  28. Is it going to be compatible with Morrowind Rebirth with same limitations (have to use Rebirth’s trees and grass) as 2.0? Or is there something new that might conflict?

  29. Seriously. How can we donate? You wonderful, wonderful, man.

  30. *POPs in CD* *Install* *patches* …Why do i have to work today…?

  31. Does anyone know if this overhaul includes anything that deals with the combat, or has any suggestions to improving/changing combat in Morrowind?

  32. Still not out. I saw the title, and thought it meant the third major update of the new version, that’s how long it’s been since this supposedly was a week from finishing.

    Oh, don’t mind me. I’m cranky today.

  33. But… could you just skip correcting the grammar, please? You’ve done enough work, and that’s a silly reason to both do more and keep us all waiting.

  34. Enjoy the beer, Kingpix- you and the team have definitely earned it!

  35. phenomenal compilation of mods, you have earned that beer Kingpix! Thank you so much for all your hard work and also to all those people who made the mods within. Can’t wait for this, Morrowind & Kingpix rule.

  36. Must… wait…. for….. release…

  37. Can’t wait. Checking this site many times a day to see if it’s here yet πŸ˜€ Great job, Kingpix!

  38. in all seriousness, grammar is crucial to the immersion i seek

  39. It’s not at all about grammar in the game, it concerns the documents of the Overhaul. Thus, this has nothing to do with immersion.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re being sarcastic Dux. Many have been anxiously awaiting this mod’s release for months now and they’re just trying to throw some humor into the fact that we are now waiting for grammar corrections in some documents before it can be released.

      • Oh well, English not being my mother tongue, I sometimes have difficulty in understanding this kind of subtlety. Thanks for pointing out it to me.

  40. I really can’ wait. Please release the bats!

  41. i mean, CAN’T! CAN’T!

  42. ZOMG I’ve had my eye on this for awhile nowβ€”cannot wait to jump back into Morrowind on a new PC (haven’t played since release on original Xbox!).


    Will 3.0 installer work with the Steam version of Morrowind?

    • AND:

      Is it easy/possible to get MW working with, say, a 360 controller (I like to sit back on my couch)?


      You are doing a helluva service to this community, my friend. Thank you so much for seeing this thru to the end πŸ™‚

      • 3.0 will work on steam ver.

        You CAN use xbox controller, thou its not official supported. You will either have to download an gamepad mod (if it exists) or use a program like joytokey

      • I play Morrowind using Xpadder. Works fine and you can set it up to your particular taste.

      • Thanks guys for the replies!

        I have a program Motioninjoy that I’ve used to get my PS3 controller working for emulators. I wonder if that will work with 360 controller for Morrowind? Otherwise I will check out Xpadder, thanks!

  43. Kingpin, HOW LONG DOES THE GRAMMAR CHECK TAKE!? I am willing to take the full 45 minutes that it should take and do it for you!

    Lol but seriously, I’ve been checking the site everyday, release this shit, I’m psyched! Keep up the good work.

  44. come ON already!

  45. still checking twice a day… if not more. is this your way of getting traffic to your website!?!?! TROLL!!!

    just kidding, but damn I really can’t wait to play morrowind again

  46. I’m guessing that there must be more to do than just grammar checking. Or maybe kingpinx enjoys all the attention he’s been getting from his eager fans so he’s taking his time. After all once it’s released, the number of people submitting posts expressing their thankfulness will severely drop over time. Maybe he wants to cherish every moment of this experience as long as he can?

    • My understanding is that the grammar checking has been finished (for at least two days). I believe he’s doing a final test and a few final organization things before he releases it.

      If I had to guess, I’d say it’s coming out within a week. Then again, I don’t really know what exactly that final test is, so I could be completely off.

      To be fair to KingPix, he’s got a life. This is his hobby, not his job. If he’s busy, he’s busy.

  47. Will 3.0 work with polish version?

  48. oh man the wait is killing me…

    we’ll mirror the mod on and of course, just be sure to give me an e-mail when you put it out in the wild!

  49. I’ve studied the site but I still can’t figure out when this is being released. In a few days? A few weeks? Months? Years?

  50. Please just tell us something, i cant keep on checking every hour:-(

  51. ETA for 3.0 Release?

  52. pressing f5 now for the whole day… aargh!

  53. WAY excited, trying to get everything in order. I have never played a heavily modded Morrowind like this, so I want to make sure I’m approaching it right.

    Does 3.0 include any texture replacers, like “Hi-Res Telvanni Textures” or “Darknut’s Dwemer Ruin textures”?

    Also: Anyone using Overhaul had any issues piling on more mods like “Uvirith’s Legacy” + “Building Up Uvirith’s Legacy” + “Rise of House Telvanni” + Abot’s “Silt Striders/Gondoliers/Boats” + “Redesigned Vivec” (or Pseron Wyrd’s combined Redesigned Vivec + Vivec Expansion .esp)?

    I’m really looking to dive back in after all these years! πŸ˜€

    • Using 2.0, I did pile on a ton of mods… but you have to conspicuous with which one you use. I used all of the mods you listed, except the Vivec ones, without incident (well I haven’t gotten very far in RoHT but I don’t think that the stuff it adds changes the landscape or interior cells very much–I have not overtaken the Mage Guild so I don’t know how it affects those cells when that happens but I assume RoHT just makes a whole new cell rather than editing the original ones). You want to be careful with Vivec Redesigned b/c is changes the whole layout and might mess up of the areas surrounding the city. MGSO is mostly just texture replacers but it also replaces trees, rocks, some objects and (if you choose) adds grass. So, if you add a mod (like new buildings) that alters the landscape, you can mess up the grass (although you can go into the CS and edit the grass but it is tedious). New area mods like Tamriel Rebuilt aren’t really affected (except using the new default-replaced trees and textures, which can sometimes look weird). Also, with some mods that add objects to the world (not in chests) might get messed up a bit because of new meshes being larger and/or moved around. I used a different bottle replacer that in 2.0 and it added bottles back into a space that MGSO’s fireplace replacer had placed a fireplace so that there were bottles sticking out of the fireplace that I had to either move or delete. So, you may just have to do some trial and error with certain mods and luckily Kingpix seems to be making MGSO 3.0 easier to change the settings after you’ve already installed mods, so that should be more helpful.

      • Good informations, thanks @Mordaxis.

        Out of those, I’ll probably forego Redisigned Vivec thenβ€”I don’t want to push my luck!

  54. Holy crap, Kingpix! You are killing me xD I hate to sound annoying but how long does it take to correct your grammar through the installer and documentation? Or is it much more complicated than just open up the file and change the text? I’m incredibly sorry if this made you mad, but it kind of feels like it’s been too long :'(

  55. Its going to be a Friday release, you can take it to the bank.

  56. Yaaay!

    It’s nearly OUT!! πŸ˜€

  57. Awesome! Very excited for this one, I haven’t played MW since well before Skyrim came out…it’s time! I have my steam download ready to go so bring it!

    Oh yeah…big thanks for all the effort you’re putting into this, I am greatly appreciative for all the hours you’ve dropped into it.

  58. Perhaps it will be released today, and perhaps it will not. Be patient, gentlemen. A little polish will result in a superior finished (and free!) product.

  59. Which new stuff is in the 3.0?

    Animals in the nature?


  60. WHY U NO RELEASE? πŸ™

  61. The wait is killing me

  62. It is time

  63. Switzerland, Switzerland, the country where I want to be, pony trekking or camping, or playing Morrowind 3.0. Switzerland, Switzerland, It’s the country for me!

  64. Gaaah!! How long is a final test? We’ve been waiting for weeks!! πŸ™

  65. The moment I found this I uninstalled Skyrim and started looking for my old Morrowind discs. This game had me addicted for more than half a decade… Time to get addicted again!

  66. Can’t wait for this!


  68. Or give us a date:-D

    • i must say if th only delay is just to check spelling and grammar, I would say 99 percent of people would rather it be released now and put up with a couple of typos ….

  69. If you cannot wait, play with version 2 or go for Morrobilivion. That’s what I am doing.

  70. I think it’s time for another update.

    • It’s driving me crazy with the constant “very soon!” updates!

      Last I checked on the forum there are a lot of testers who’ve yet to update their status. If I had to guess at this rate I imagine we won’t see a release until late October.

  71. This looks like it’s beginning to mirror the DarkXL situation, that is ongoing. The programmer there announces a release imminent in less than a week(end of last year) and ten months later(today) is no where to be seen. The dude announced the release and gutted the entire project and, unbeknownst to the fans of the project started over just a few days later, because the ‘code was messy’. The XL Engine is improving the old Dagerfall game is addition to a few others like Dark Forces. People who were using it for Dark Forces just wanted a release to correct a game stopping bug midway. Grammar corrections should take no more than a day, perhaps two.

  72. Quick question.

    I have yet to install any overhaul pack, and I just wanted to know if I need to have the other versions installed before I get v3.0. I am super excited to see what you have accomplished :]

  73. This wait is getting a bit inane…..Seriously.

    • Seriously.

      This has nothing to do with not being thankful or spoiled or patience or polish or whatever the apologists keep saying. There’s a whole fanbase waiting. It has been “any moment now” for the past month and we’re being kept in the dark. I really wish Kingpix came forward with some news about what’s keeping him and/or a new estimation when it’s going to be released.

      Frankly, this is becoming ridiculous.

  74. 1) Kingpix , you are the Man! Thank you so much.

    2) I have to admit I am a bit ridiculous in being as impatient as I am since I only discovered this website (and the existence of Overhaul) on 23 SEP 12. I have been a long time ES fan but have only ever played them in their vanilla versions and last played Morrowind about 2 1/2 years ago. That said, the idea of an updated Morrowind (the BEST ES game thus far IMHO) has me completely stoked. Looking forward to the update. As impatient as I am, considering that I have already waited years for this, waiting a few more days/weeks is no biggie.

    • That said, I would love to take the advice of the other posters and just play Overhaul 2.0, but it doesn’t appear to work too well on my computer so I am stuck playing Skyrim (BORING!) until the update .

  75. You can play Morrowind Overhaul 2.1 until 3.0 is released. Kingpix has confirmed 2.1 saves are fully compatible with 3.0 – 2.1 is pretty much a huge chunk of what 3.0 is. All 3.0 does is improve performance, hard drive consumption and add some more mods.

    • I have some old saves which were made under the old Overhaul 1.3 version. Are they compatible with the 3.0 version, or I have to start a new game?

      • It should work. No major skill mechanics or anything that adds or changes anything save-file related is added to this mod (hope im not wrong here), i don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  76. Would it be installable and playable on Russian version of Morrowind?
    (Morrowind+Tribunal+Bloodmoon version 1.6.1820 released by 1C)

  77. Where did that facebook like button come from? FB is spying on us! TAKE IT OFF YOUR SITE!

    no, seriously, it shouldn’t be here…

  78. If you are ever in Houston, I will buy you a beer. Amazing work.

  79. […] 3.0 brings changes such as improved performance, bug fixes, a special program to tweak all the options, and updated […]

  80. All Hail Kingpix , Supreme Master of Morrowind !

  81. […] 3.0 brings changes such as improved performance, bug fixes, a special program to tweak all the options, and updated […]

  82. […] le fruit d’un travail titanesque de plusieurs communautΓ©s toujours actives. Cette version 3.0 corrige de nombreux bugs, et met Γ  jour de nombreuses versions de mods. Vous pouvez trouver toute […]

  83. […] MGSO 3.0 has the following features over the last version: […]

  84. […] 3.0 brings changes such as improved performance, bug fixes, a special program to tweak all the options, and updated […]

  85. Hi

    Could it be that some mods in the v3 version no More included ?
    In my installed v3 version the herbal and underwater effect mods doesnt work .

    The sigh settings are buggy to.

  86. amazing amazing amazing
    thx master

  87. its amazing! i had installed 2.0 before (thanks to phantomryu’s video). 3.0 was alot nicer to install self explanitory as it guides you through… you swit

  88. Thanks you Very very Much!

  89. here, this beer is on me, cheers

  90. Vivec bless You!

  91. Hi, I’ve just see this mod and I’d like to try it but: does it improve the blocking system of the game??? Because it’s driving me nuts!!!!!

  92. Hello ,i have problem whit instalation in position Morrowind Launcher i click Launch Morrowind Laucher and is window popup whit graphic and stop i cant do nothing ,please help.

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